I have no soul left inside
Now I know that
You can only give it away
They warned me
I thought they sought
To conform me
But in the end
They were right
I rebelled
And I pushed the limits
Until the limits
Started pushing me

It's so hard
To be given up on
To give up on yourself
To stare sullenly
At the white bottle of pills
And wonder
If I would be condemning myself
Can anyone understand
What it's like to be so lost
That you don't even care to be found?

They took everything
My faith
My innocence
My hope
My soul
Did they know the prison
They were condemning me to?
To be trapped within yourself
Within your own fucking body
With no way out
Is worse than anything
I have ever known

Now they wonder
Why I fight so hard
When they try to take away
Any ounce of privilege or freedom
They do not understand
Or perhaps refuse to understand
That the only thing I fear
Is being caged
Once more