In your rage against me you shatter my bones.

You break me and pound at my skin.

I double over and lie as a limp doll on the floor,

Waiting for you to begin yet again.

You raise purple welts on my body.

You do all this in your artistic measure.

You are the creator and I the creation,

My body the canvas of your demented pleasure.

My body lies in ruins, yet I stay.

I am trapped in the cage of your domestic violence.

I am resigned to my fate.

The path has been chosen and I suffer in silence.

You beat me into submission.

You viscously step on my back.

My vision begins to crumble

As I fade to blue and black.

My wounds remain unnoted and my flesh is unmarked,

For my bruises linger on the inside.

I die bit by bit. I lay broken and shattered.

Brutally murdered by deceptions and lies.