One day I took a journey
A journey so i'd see
Exactly what god's made of
How kind is god really?

He never took my prayers
Or made my hopes and dreams come true
He said he'd be there for me
Was he telling me the truth?

So I climbed that cold hard mountain
When I reached the top I cried
Tears for all my sorrow,
Lost hope, forgotten pride.

And when I finally saw him
I looked, to my surprise
I didn't see a trace of power
But pure hopelessness and lies.

"You said you'd be there for me god.
What made you change your mind?
Are you not who you say you are
All powerfull, all kind?"

He looked at me without a word
But didn't make a sound
He pushed me off the mountain
Left me to splatter on the ground

And as im falling
To a very certain doom
Why does god want to kill me?
To end my life so very soon?

I already know the answer
He didn't want me to see
Just how weak he had become
What his future would be