This is my second story on here, and I am changing my style a little bit for it. At the beginning of each chapter I am putting in Character Bios for any new main character you see in the chapter. The bios will not give out any information that you wouldn't learn by reading the chapter except it might explains what the person usually wears and looks like, and there common weapons. I am putting it in mainly as a reference if you want to come back and check something out about one of the characters. I recommend you look over the bios before you read the chapters.

Talon: Okay already, Zach! Can we get on with this?

Hang on, I still wanna say something!

Talon: Well hurry it up.

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**Char Bio**

-Name: S20R-7: a.k.a. Talon

-Sex: Male

-Age: Unknown at the moment, looks to be about 18 or so.

-Eyes: ----Left: Bright blue ----Right: Covered by hair.

-Hair: Long, straight, light brown.

-Height: 5' 10"

-Weight: 150 or so.

-Weapon of Choice: Small, custom made 44. Caliber magnum handgun. Holds 10 round clips that are loaded from the bottom of the handle. It's silver with metallic blue highlights and a blue star shaped symbol on the side.

-Clothing and Appearance: Usually always wears a blue suede jacket with a star shaped symbol on the back with a white undershirt under it. A long black glove starts at his fingertips on his right hand and continues all the way up his arm, to his shoulder. (Overtop the t-shirt sleeve.) The white t-shirt is tucked into his black baggy pants, which contain clips for his gun in the pockets. The pants overlap over his black boots, which seem pretty normal, except one thing. On the bottom of the right boot a long polished steel plate starts at the heel and wraps around the right side and up on top of the toe, creating a sharp point at the tip.

**Char Bio**

Name: Zam

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Eyes: Grey

Hair: Long thin and black

Other Information: Available in a later Chapter.



"Hurry mommy! I wanna go out and play!" A little girl, probably no older than 7, with long brown hair and bright green eyes clings to her mother's legs while they wait in line at the Morning Starr bank in Cacao city.

"Don't worry, Hun. We're next in line." She sighs as she looks down at her daughter with loving eyes. Then she glances up at the man in front of her in line, he is talking softly to the teller and looks to be about 18 with long light brown hair. A large black trench coat covers his clothes so she can't tell what he's wearing.

The bell hanging above the entrance rings signaling the arrival of yet another customer into the already crowded bank. But this man was different. A woman at the back of the line glances back casually and notices the man is holding a gun. She screams and bumps into the person next to her. Within seconds everyone in the bank is looking at the man at the door. Well, almost everyone, the man in the trenchcoat is still talking to the teller but she is to busy staring at the man at the door. He is tall with long thin messy black hair. He smiles triumphantly as he holds the gun up and says, "I told you that you couldn't run forever, Talon."

The man at the counter stops talking and turns around casually. "You took long enough, Zam! I thought you would have caught up to me by now." He smiles and reaches into his coat.

"I don't think so!" Zam (the man with the gun) fires a shot at Talons hip and it ricochets off as a small silver and blue gun falls out of his coat and clatters onto the floor. at the sound of the gunshot people all around the bank cower onto the floor and hope desperately that bullets won't come there way.

Talon looks down at his jacket and yawns quietly, "Now look what you did! I just bought this coat! And you already put a hole in it. I'm going to have to buy a new one now." He laughs slightly as he puts his finger through a small hole in his trench coat.

"Don't mess with me! You know damn well I would have had you last time if it weren't for that damn police officer! So this time I'm not stalling, I'm just gonna to shoot you and get it over with!" Zam takes aim at Talon's head and fires his revolver one more time.

As soon as the shot is fired Talon jumps into the air. He does a back flip and a flash of light reflects off of the metal plate on the bottom of his right shoe. The bullet bounces off the plate and hits the wall right behind Zam. As he lands on his feet, Talon kneels down and picks up his gun. "Is that the best you've got? I think you're starting to lose your touch, Zam."

"Don't mock me, I still have bullets!" Zam takes four more shots with his gun and a few people around the bank scream. The little brown haired girl holds on tightly to her mother and closes her eyes.

Talon stands up quickly and fires one shot at the oncoming bullets. His shot collides head on with the front most bullet that Zam fired, the force of the collision stops them both in mid-air and creates a small shockwave that shatters the windows all around the bank. It also knocks the remaining three bullets off coarse and the miss Talon by mere centimeters, sending pieces of the counter flying as they shatter it. "If that's all you wanted, you may leave now, Zam. Besides, I think you're out of bullets now." Talon smirks as he sees a look of disbelief on Zam's face.

Zam just turns around and walks to the door, before he walks through it he looks back and says, "This isn't over yet, believe me, I have more in store for you." He steps through the broken glass door without even worrying about opening it.

Talon puts his gun back into his coat and begins to leave, but the small girl stands up and walks over to him. He kneels down to look her in the eyes, "And what do you want, shorty?"

She looks at him for a second then says, "Thank you." Before Talon has a chance to say anything to her every person in the bank is clapping and cheering their appreciation.

"Enough!" he yells at the top of his lungs as he stands up. "You people don't know what you're talking about. That man was looking for me, I didn't save your lives, I just put them in danger! Don't clap for me." He walks past the little girl and out the door before anybody has a chance to say anything to him.

The little girl walks back over to her mother and helps her off the floor. "Mommy? Who was that man?" she asks as her mother picks her up and watches Talon walk away down the sidewalk.

"That, Hawk, was an angel." She says as she looks around the bank at all of the bullet holes in the walls.


Talon, now walking quickly down the street, glances into a back alley and sees a little black haired girl sitting beside some garbage cans shivering because she was only wearing pants and a t-shirt. He stops for a second and looks at her. She glances up and smiles at him then coughs. He walks down the alley and picks her up, "How old are you?" he asks her setting her down on the garbage can lid.

"Ten" she says quietly.

He takes off his trench coat and asks, "Where are your parents? Where do you live?"

She looks down at her knees, "My parents are dead. They died when our house burnt down."

Talon wraps his trench coat around her and says, "Well, why don't you come with me? I can take you to the orphanage."

But before she has a chance to answer Talon winces in pain and falls to the ground. The little girl jumps off of the garbage cans and kneels down in front of him. "What's wrong, sir?"

A man's voice comes from behind a dumpster, "Don't worry little girl, he'll be fine, and so will you." A man with thin black hair stands up and walks over to them. He pulls out a small 2-way radio, "It's Zam. I have captured S20R-7 and attained a new test subject, she is young with dark hair, I think she will do nicely for you next project."

The little girl starts to run out of the alley but a small dart shoots out of Zam's sleeve and hits her in the neck. She instantly goes limp and falls to the ground with the large black trench coat covering her.