***Char Bio*** . . . Well okay this one isn't actually a character bio. It's more like a bio for the world of Myria (The world where the story takes place.)

Current Year: 2117

Climate: The world itself is a lot colder than ours but still supports life much the same. The coldest spots get to be about -120 degrees F, and the warmest only get up to the mid 60's on a good day.

Terrain: the terrain has changed over the years originally it was much like earth's is today. But now most of the world is covered in tall forests and oceans. The cities are about 50 miles apart each and there are no "Safe" ways to get between them. The roads that do connect the cities are dirt so most people don't bother leaving the cities.

Inhabitants: again, the original inhabitants were much like that of earth. The human race still exists but now other sub-races of humans have appeared. We don't know where they came from or how they got there, some of them are powerful and evil, and others are passive and peaceful. Each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. The animals on the planet are almost all fierce beasts.

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Really? Well tell me what you think? Should I stop doing bios? Or do you people think they help. Remember, this is going to be a LONG story. So you may need to know something about a character later.

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Episode 2 Starr Corp.

"I want it found! You hear me?!" An older man, probably in his late forties, sits at the head of a long table in a large office. Men dressed in security officer uniforms are seated in all the seats around him.

"But sir," a young security guard says, "this isn't our job, our job is to protect this building." He finishes with a smirk.

"Yes, that's true." The man at the head of the table thinks for a moment then looks across the long table to a man at the other end. The man is wearing a long black trench with a very high collar. His long black hair covers his face and down over his shoulders. "What do you think we should do about it, Zam?"

Zam stands up and walks behind the security guard who spoke up. "I think that if these men would have protected the building in the first place, this mess never would have happened." He says calmly, pulling a long dagger out of his pocket. "But if this young man thinks he had nothing to do with the incident, then I'll excuse him from looking for my friend Talon." Zam stabs the dagger through the back of the chair and then pulls it out quickly. Blood trickles down the blade and onto the floor, "Would anyone else like to be excused?" he asks in a polite tone. Everyone in the room shakes their head as they stare at the dead officer.

"Good, then it's settled!" The man at the head of the table stands up, "all of you will be taken to a training seminar and then you will go with Zam here to look for Talon. Now get out of my office."

**************************************************************************** **********

"Who do you think that man was, Falcon?" Hawk asks, leaning up against one of the giant trees and wrapping her grenade launcher back up in its leather sheath.

"Just another one of Starr Corporation's freak experiments. But that shouldn't matter, he's not the reason we came here! We need to get back in there and finish what we came here to do." He says, sitting down against a tree across from Hawk.

"How do you expect to get back in there now? Because of what we did they probably have that thing guarded so heavily we couldn't even get within 50 feet of the building!" Hawk reasons with him.

He sighs and looks up at her, "Yeah, you're probably right, they probably already experimented on her anyway. . ." and he puts his head in his hands.

"No, they won't be introducing any new female subjects into the system for about another month." A mans voice says quietly from behind the tree Falcon is sitting against.

"Who's back there?!" Falcon yells, jumping up and pulling a dagger off of his shoulder. He circles slowly around the tree until he sees who it is. "Oh it's you. . ." He says putting the dagger back in its sheath on his shoulder. "How exactly would you know anything about that?"

Talon sits on the ground against the same tree cleaning his magnum handgun. Hawk walks over and sits down beside Falcon. Talon stops cleaning his gun and looks up at them. "I know all that because I was used by Starr Corporation as a sort of battery. This allows me, unknown to them of coarse, to view and alter any information they may have in the system. And just for your information I am not just one of Starr Corp's freak experiments." He finishes with a small glare at Falcon.

Hawk glares up at Falcon too, "We're sorry, he didn't mean that."

"Yes I . OUCH!" he starts but Hawk punches him in the foot.

"What do you mean you're a battery?" Hawk asks a little confused, "How can a person be a battery?"

"A person can't be. . . But I am not a person. . . Well, not anymore anyway." He goes back to cleaning his gun again.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Hawk stands up and walks over to him.

He looks up at her, "Do you really want to know?"


He stands up and puts his gun back in his jacket. "My father established a small manufacturing plant for prescription drugs and other commercial products. Everything seemed to be running smoothly and the company continued to grow for almost three years. But in 1975 a fire broke out in one of our facilities and my father was killed. The only person to survive the blaze was a young boy by the name of Talon Blitzer, or in other words me." He pauses at the look on Hawks face. "Is something wrong?"

"Yeah. You said 1975 right? How is that possible? It's 2117 now." She says in awe "That would make you like 150 years old!"

"Actually it's more like 142, but close enough." He corrects her, "Can I continue now?"

Well somebody is a little grumpy." Falcon says under his breath.

"You would be a little grumpy too if you had been locked up for nine years." He retorts while stretching dramatically. "Anyway, as I was saying, after the fire I was adopted by a man by the name of Elek Starr and his wife Cassandra. About a month later Elek bought what was left of my father's company and changed it's name to Starr Corp. Soon after he was put in charge he put his wife in charge of a small building which specialized in chemical formulas and other things like that. Rumors about her portion of the company spread like wildfire. People everywhere were talking about all of the human experimentation and bioengineering that they were doing. The rumors were stifled as word of Elek Starr's disappearance hit the papers. The rumors weren't rumors anymore, people everywhere knew now what Cassandra was up to, but nobody could prove it."

"Excuse me, but how much longer is this going to take?" Falcon interrupts him rudely.

"Just let him finish, Falcon!" Hawk scolds him, "Go on, keep going."

"Well, since you're in such a hurry for some reason I'll skip a few years. On my 17th birthday Cassandra invited me in to see if I wanted a job. As soon as I got there I had made up my mind not to take it but as I walked through the massive doors the directed me to an empty waiting room. I couldn't help but think something was wrong when I heard the doors click locked as the guards left. Within seconds a yellow gas began emitting from the exhaust fan in the ceiling. The next time I woke up I was in a bed with pain shooting down my right side. A tall man in a lab coat walked in and told me that they had used me for a test on an anti-aging serum. He went on to tell me how it was almost a success except for one slight problem." He stops for a minute then begins to take his long black glove off. "The serum had altered part of my DNA and gave me this." When he got the glove off they could see a few small patches of scales on his arm and a long scar on his shoulder.

"It's not all that bad." Hawk says sympathetically.

He raises his hand up in front of his face and says, "Look a little closer."

Hawk flinches as she sees that each of his fingers comes to a razor sharp claw. But that wasn't all, as he used his clawed hand to pull the hair out of his right eye she flinches again. Unlike his left eye, which is a soft tone of blue, his right eye is a bright shade of yellow with no pupil.

"Okay so you have a yellow eye and a claw, that still doesn't explain how you learned to use a gun as good as you did back there." Falcon says, completely unphased by Talon's appearance.

Talon drops his hair back into his face and begins to put his glove back on, "I don't really know what all they did after that. It's all a blur, but I know they did a lot more tests. The reason I can use a gun so good is because this eye may not be able to see anything, but it allows me to alter time. I can slow it down, speed it up or even go back to certain things that I was present at, although I can't interact with them."

"Well, thanks for that little history lesson but I think we should be going now. We still have to get back in there and do what we came to do." Falcon begins to walk away.

"Wait!" Talon says quickly and he jumps up, "You won't be able to get back in there for a while."

"Oh? And why exactly is that?" Falcon turns and walks up to Talon.

"Think about it, Falcon." Hawk jumps in between them, "They just had an escaped werewolf! They probably have security at a max to try and cover it up so the news doesn't get wind of it."

"That, and right before you guys freed me the last thing the computer was doing was upgrading the security system. So any information you have about that building is now useless."

"What do you mean useless?" Falcon asks a little confused.

"All information you have about getting around the buildings securities is now useless because they've all changed!" Talon points through the branches of the trees as barbwire fence sprouts out of the ground all around the building. The company thought it would be a good idea to have a system that always changes so that they could keep out spies and thieves."

"So how are we supposed to get back in?" Hawk asks Talon.

"I can get you in, but you have to trust me."

"And why should we trust you? You're one of them." Falcon glares at him.

"You don't have much choice now do you?" Talon smiles and offers hand in friendship.

When Hawk sees that Falcon isn't taking his hand she grabs it instead and says, "Alright, you've got a deal! Get us in and then we'll find a way to repay you."

"No need. I'd be glad to help for free, as long as I can just hang with you guys after we're done." He smiles softly, "I don't have a whole lot of friends that are still alive. . ."

"Awwww, what a shame. . . poor, poor Talon. Cursed with immortality." A sharp voice comes from a nearby tree.

"Who's there?" Talon pulls his gun out and spins around to where the voice was, but nobody's there.

"Look a little higher my old friend." The voice comes out of a nearby tree as a black shadow falls out and lands on the ground. The shadow stands up and they can tell it's a man wearing a large black trench coat with high collars. A large sword sticks out over his shoulder.

"You. . . I figured you'd be dead by now." Talon says with a calmer look on his face. He lowers his gun and stands casually against a tree. "Don't get to big of a head because you caught me once, Zam."

Zam sweeps the long black hair out of his face with his dagger and smiles at Talon. "Don't get me wrong, Talon but I have been trained for 9 years just in case this might happen. And I have ways to beat you that you wouldn't even imagine."

"You were all talk then and you still are. Just try and prove it." Talon reaches into his pocket and pulls out a clip. "I'll take all but 3 bullets out of this clip and put it in my gun here, if I don't kill you with one of these three shots then I'll admit you've gotten better." He takes out his full clip and puts in the one with three bullets.

Zam reaches over his shoulder and pulls out the gigantic sword. It's at least 4 feet long and has to weigh around 50 pounds. But he swings it a few times like it's as light as a feather. "You've got a deal. Ready? GO!" Zam begins to run full speed at Talon with the sword in one hand behind him. Talon jumps over Zam as he swings and the sword smashes right into a giant boulder that was behind Talon. The massive stone shatters under the pressure and rocks fly in every direction.

"Learned some new tricks? When did you learn to use a sword like that?" Talon asks as he shoots one shot right at Zam's head.

Zam drops his sword and pulls a small yellow dagger out of his pocket. A small ping fills the air as Talons bullet ricochets off of the dagger and right back at him. A bright yellow light fills the air from Talon's eyes and the bullet veers off to the left and splinters into a large tree.

"Gotten a lot faster too I can see. You really did get better, but don't get too confident." Talon says waiting for Zam to make his next move. "Oh, and by the way, didn't that trench coat use to be mine?

Zam smiles as he holds the dagger in front of his face. "Yeah, I took it off that little brat you were talking to in the alley. Don't worry though, I didn't kill her. She was actually a very successful experiment."

"You sick bastard!" Talon jumps up into the canopy above them and Zam follows him up.

"How can you kill me when you can't see me through the leaves?" Zam laughs as he crouches down on his branch. Just then a gunshot fires and the leaves around Zam flutter as the bullet hits him right in the chest. He falls out of the tree and lands hard on his back.

Talon jumps down out of the trees, "Hah, it only took two shots."

"Well, not exactly." Zam says from the ground. "You hit me, but you didn't kill me." He says as he pulls a flattened bullet out of his ripped trench coat. "Did I forget to mention that I had titanium implants on almost every part of my body? As you can see I am the perfect killing machine."

Talons jaw drops and he jumps backwards at the sight of the man he just killed getting back to his feet. "I have more tricks than that. Although I hate using them now, it doesn't look like I have much of a choice." Talon puts the gun from his left hand to his right-gloved hand and takes aim one more time.

"I told you! You can shoot at me all day! It won't matter!" Zam says putting his hands out waiting to be shot.

A beam of yellow light shots out of Talons right eye and into the back of his gun, "If you say so. . ." Before the gun even fires the bullet shatters through the tree behind Zam. As the gun finally fires Zam is already on his way to the ground with blood running down the front of his chest.

"I'll be taking this back now." Talon says as he walks over to Zam and pulls the trench coat off of his lifeless body. But as he pulls it off the body disappears out from under it.

"You did good. Thanks for showing me that little trick, I'll remember not to let my guard down anymore. Hahahaha, until next time, have fun!" Zam's voice says from nowhere. "Oh and do be careful tonight, there's a werewolf out here and there is still a full moon tonight. Next time I'll get that trench coat back."