"Well, Lucy, so what do we do now?" Gareth asked her softly.

She understood what he meant.

"I think we had better keep it a secret. You once mentioned that Professor Haley is very strict about the rules."

"Yes, she is." They both sighed softly. Then their eyes met again. Lucy cupped his face and kissed his mouth.

"It's going to be difficult," he murmured and yet he was smiling because she loved him back.

"What about family and friends?" Lucy said thoughtfully.

"That's actually the hardest part. My friend René knows that I am in love with you. In fact…" he blushed, "he was always telling me that I should be less shy around you."

Lucy burst out laughing.

"You and shy? Hm…Actually, that's true. You did blush quite a few times."

"Yeah…My heart was always missing two or three beats whenever I saw you."

She smiled.

"It was the same with me."

She rubbed her nose against his.

"I could tell Shelley about the two of us, or Sarah, but I think I had better not. Shelley tends to blurt out stuff. And Sarah and I are in the same class; we both have you as our instructor…Well, I'll have to tell Mum and Dad that you're my boyfriend. They'll probably be quite shocked at first, but I think they'll understand the situation. Still, we'll just have to see."

"Yeah, I want to tell my family too."

They were silent. There was a thud from the room above them: an object had fallen. Outside, there was the hum of cars and the whine of an occasional motorcycle rushing past. Gareth rested his head on Lucy's shoulder.



"I'm so glad you moved in."

She laughed.

"Well…Uhm…You didn't seem too pleased at first." She shifted her position on the sofa, making Gareth raise his head and look into her eyes.

"Why did you decide to have me as your roommate even though you weren't enthusiastic?"

"Because there was something special about you which I refused to acknowledge. I guess my subconscious was more sensible."

He looked at her.

"I was unpleasant to you. I still owe you an apology for my behaviour. I'm sorry, Lucy."

She gazed at him seriously; then she gave him one of the loveliest smiles he had ever seen before. She didn't say anything; she simply kissed his forehead very gently.

"I wanted you to be invisible to me, to my…well, my heart. I was afraid of falling in love. But you shone your way into my life, you opened my eyes, you made me see things and people I had ignored," he added.

"Gareth…" She was too moved to continue. They held each other.

"I am so happy that we are such big pals, Gareth. After the ice was broken, I realised what fun it is to be with you and how much we can talk to each other and how many things we can do together…"

Gareth stroked her cheek with his index finger, and then her soft lips.

"I love you."


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