To Friends

chalice raised in thanks
a toast to you, my dear ones—
wash away our frowns.

For days as such were lonely
'fore I with paper
hands found yours;

Spill forth the contents
of hearts so willing opened;
no need for tears, dry
the ink to reveal your face
the cornsilk smooth of
yours replenishing.

and let the glass clink,
yet drop no jagged shards; breaks
of heart, faith have healed.

The willows blew as my tears
would not fall; your arms
held while I

The night so black, bleak
cold depair everlasting;
at my darkest hour
when grief was neverending
you reminded me of dawn.

with warm smiles, laughter
we'll share a meal together
kinship rekindled.

The light does not come until
the thunder has passed
calm after

Whispers in my ears—
be more to me than wind
tell me secrets
keep mine, blood-ink on vellum
so nice to have an ear,
to have heart again,
a soul.

it's time for goodbyes,
but none of you will leave me
in person, perhaps
but in spirit forever
you'll stay in my heart.