As Amelia paced the length of the family room once more, Julianna sighed softly.

"Amelia, darling, sit down. Relax a bit." Her green eyes sparkled, "Wearing a hole in the family room carpet is not going to solve anything."

Amelia paused and turned to glare at her beloved, but could not bring herself to do so at the smile on the other woman's face. "You don't understand, Julianna! Mother and Papa are going to arrive any moment now. They.." She was interrupted by Julianna's stern tone.

"Do not say it, Amelia. We have discussed this. They will understand and they will support you. They love you." As Julianna was preparing to say something else, the doorbell rang. "And here they are now. Come, Amelia." Without another word, Julianna headed to the foyer where she stood, waiting for Amelia.

Sighing softly, her amber eyes betraying her fear, she joined Julianna. Julianna reached out and gave Amelia's hand a soft squeeze, showing her support, and Amelia opened the door.

Two smiling faces greeted them. Carolyn Montgomery was a small woman with dark brown hair that met her shoulders in soft curls. Her hazel eyes held a pleasant glimmer of happiness, the crinkles at the edges signifying her friendliness. Though the resemblance between she and Amelia was not great, it was easy to tell the two were mother and daughter. Landon Montgomery was quite the opposite of his wife. He was a tall man, easily over six feet. His hair was neatly combed and parted. He appeared friendly at first sight, but one immediately recognized he was not a man to be crossed. As he caught sight of his only daughter, however, his chestnut eyes lit up with a smile.

"Papa. Mother. Please, come in." Amelia held the door open, allowing the two to enter the foyer. She took their coats and hung them on the coat rack, before leading them to the lounge for drinks. Once everyone was served, Amelia made the introductions.

"Mother, Papa, I'd like for you to meet Julianna." Amelia introduced. "Julianna, my mother, Carolyn Montgomery, and my father, Landon Montgomery."

"Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery, it is a pleasure to meet you." Julianna smiled at the both of them.

"Likewise." Mrs. Montgomery replied, then turning to Amelia. "Amelia, I'm afraid I do not understand. I was of the belief that our meeting today would include just yourself and your father and I."

Amelia bit her lip, a nervous habit of hers, before speaking. "Yes, Mother." She seemed not able to string a proper sentence together, and so she paused.

Julianna picked up where Amelia left off. "Mrs. Montgomery, Mr. Montgomery, this home belongs to myself and Amelia."

Sending Julianna a grateful smile, Amelia spoke before her parents had a chance to, "Julianna is my soul-bonded."

Her father's eyes clouded with confusion at these words, "I'm afraid I don't understand, Amelia."

Amelia took in a slow breath, "As you love Mother, Papa, so do I love Julianna. I have made the vow to be with her always, and have devoted my heart to her, as she has to me. I have made my decision, if it can be called that, and it is Julianna whom I love - none other." A few moments of silence followed her speech, until finally Mr. Montgomery spoke up.

"If this is your choice, Amelia, I will make no move to change your mind." He addressed both Julianna and Amelia now, "I will support the two of you in your decisions, and to you, Julianna, I extend welcome into our family."

Julianna smiled, "Thank you, sir."

Mrs. Montgomery spoke next. "While I am not as welcome to the idea as your father is, I, too, will support you, Amelia." She turned to Julianna, "Allow me to welcome you to our family, Julianna." She moved forward and embraced Julianna as she would a daughter.

Later that evening, after Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery had left, Amelia approached Julianna.

"Thank you for today, melamin. I do apologize for my behaviour this morning. You were right, I should not have worried so." Her gaze was directed downward.

Julianna smiled and pulled her dearest into a sweet embrace. "You did wonderfully, Amelia, and I am very proud of you. You need not apologize. I do not think there is a soul in the world that could have approached today as you did. Remember, my darling, that I love you and in the times you need me, I am always at your side." With those words, she bestowed a soft kiss on Amelia's lips and led the younger woman to bed.