Different But Proud

Humans fear what is different

It cannot be denied

As I ponder the identical houses

I puzzle over why.

Today, a new day dawns

Bringing dew to the perfect lawns

The people of this place awake

And they continue their "normal" day

If in this land of suburbs,

I painted my house pink

People would become offended

Over the "abnormal" way I think

The sea of beige blinds me

I loathe the SUVs

Why is some with new ideals

Viewed as someone to tease?

If you don't fit their standards

Of a happy, normal life

If you're a man who wants no wife

You are abnormal in their eyes

If you drive a beat up car

Or wear your pants too low

They shall spread the word

That you aren't fit to know

Someday I will parade around

In all my strange glory

And take pride in the fact

That same-ness hasn't claimed me

So if you see me walking by

As I wear stripes with plaid

You laugh at me because I'm different

I laugh at you because you're bland.