Rain falls on blinking eyes,
The seer knows no demise.
Gazing into pale blue portals,
Seeing the true essence of mortals.

The rain continues to fall,
Staggering the mortal to a slow crawl.
The mortals fear the rain,
For it is only a reminder of their pain.

The rain blinds the mortal now,
Forcing him to unwillingly bow.
Stinging eyes with great force,
Causing skin to become coarse.

The rain continues to pour,
Drawing out "humanity" with it's intoxicating lore.
The seer watches with great intensity,
Anxious to learn the mortal's final destiny.

The mortal feels true fear,
But what is this I hear?
Fear is not the only thing there,
Anger causes him to openly swear.

The mortal again looks at the dim sky,
He begins to openly cry.
But the tears running down his face weren't clear,
They were bright red until they would disappear.

The seer could look no more;
Couldn't stand the mortal's inner war.
He changes the rain to match red tears,
Until the mortal's cry clears.

The mortal's cry would clear with time,
But the memory would stay like a crime.
The seer continues to see,
As life continues to be.