By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had happened on one particular Christmas Eve,in which a video game designer named Ted Baldwin was getting ready to have a nice turkey dinner with the rest of his family.

While the whole family was about to chow down on the turkey and stuffing,there was a sudden knock at the door.

And after she had gotten up from the table and walked over to the door,Ted's mother had opened the door and allowed a raven haired beauty named Jennifer Kudrow to walk into the house and join the family for turkey dinner.

After she had sat down next to Ted and helped herself to the turkey and mashed potatoes,Ted's mother had looked at Jennifer and asked,"So,Jennifer.What do you do for a living?"

"Oh,I'm a comic strip artist for the United Press Syndicate.",answered Jennifer,while she was helping herself to the cranberry sauce."As a matter of fact,my strip--which is entitled Mulberry Street--had became one of the most popular comic strips in newspapers all over the world."

"Really?",asked Ted's wide eyed mother,before she had given her son a tap on the arm."Did you hear that,Ted?Maybe she'll let you design a video game based on her comic strip."

And after he had placed his hands over his embarressed face,Ted's father had looked at his mother and said,"For crying out loud,Lily.Would you at least let the boy eat his dinner in peace?"

Then,after the whole Baldwin family and their guest had finished eating their turkey dinner,they had walked into the living room,sat down and watch the Cleveland Browns footbal game on TV.

And while everyone was cheering for the Browns whenever they've made a score,Ted had looked at Jennifer and noticed that while she was cheering with the rest of the family,he had noticed that she also had a love for sports.

Sometime later,after the entire Baldwin family were about to turn in for the night,Lily had walked over to Jennifer and asked,"Would you like to spend the night with us,dear?"

"Well,if you really want me to.",answered a smiling Jennifer,before she had followed Lily into the master bedroom,where she had allowed Jennifer to borrow one of her flannel nightgowns and left her alone in the room to change into the nightgown.

And after she had changed into the nightgown and followed Lily to Ted's room,Lily had placed an air mattress on the floor next to Ted's bed and said,"Jennifer's going to sleep in your room tonight,Ted.So,please do be a dear and be nice to her."

And then,after everyone had said 'goodnight' to each other and had gone to sleep,Ted had suddenly been woken up by the sound of someone shivering like it was totally cold in the room.

He had sat up,turned towards the source of the shivering and discovered that it was Jennifer who was shivering,because it had indeed became cold in the part of the room where she was sleeping on.

"Jennifer,do you want to sleep in the same bed with me?"asked a concerned Ted."I really wouldn't mind at all."

And after she had thought about it and realized that at least it'll be better than sleeping on an air mattress on the cold floor,Jennifer had agreed to climb into bed with Ted and settled in for a long good night's rest.

And then,after he had covered both Jennifer and himself up and he had allowed her to snuggle up to him,he had suddenly realized that somehow,his own mother had came up with a new way to play matchmaker for her beloved son.

And after he had looked at his new bedmate and saw how comfortable she was in the

same warm place as he was,Ted had decided to not get mad at his mom,even if it was the Holiday Season.

The next day,after she had walked down the hall and told everyone to get up and come downstairs for some breakfast,both Ted and Jennifer had opened their eyes,looked at each other and let out a smile.

"Good morning,Jennifer.",said Ted,after he had kissed her on the forehead."I hope that you've slept well."

"Oh,yeah.I've slept very well.",said Jennifer,after she had placed her head on Ted's chest."As a matter of fact,I was about to ask you the same question."

"Same here,Jennifer.",said a half smiling Ted."Same here."

And then,after they had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips,both Ted and Jennifer had gotten out of bed,walked out of his bedroom and went downstairs to join the rest of the family for a large Christmas Day breakfast feast.

Then,after the family had finished their breakfast and went into the living room to open their Christmas presents that were under their Christmas tree,Ted had placed his arm on Lily's shoulder and said,"Thanks,Mom.I'm glad that you've allowed Jen to spend the night with us on Christmas Eve--and I'll always love you for it."

And after Lily had given her son a tender kiss on the cheek,both she and Ted had joined the rest of the family in the opening of their Holiday gifts.

As for Ted and Jennifer,they were married a few months later and became Mr. and Mrs. Ted Baldwin--and they both were grateful for the Holiday sleepover which had brought them together.