The plesant scent of you so aparent in your hair
The warmth of your body
The comfort of your arms
The way you touch me all the time

If I could list the qualities
The little things about you, gestures and sentiments
That fill my mind and heart
A thousand people would fall in love
But I loose my words in the tender emotion
And fumble, unable to express my care and meaning

The tang of your skin
The way you murmer in your sleep
The way your hand fits over mine
The gentle smile you save for me

I wonder why you cannot see yourself
As I see you; beautiful, sweet, important
You're self-depricating and apologetic
I think you are remarkable and I'm proud and lucky
I get to hold you, touch you, call you my own
But to be humble is a fine quality In and of itself

The soft words you whisper
The patience you have for me and others
The wit and intelligence you display
The calm and sensible way you carry yourself

I list your qualities on paper
Quality is a word I associate with you
Like fine wine you are quality
I'm drunk on you, a fool for you, and embarrassed
But I'm lucky fool in love
Because you smile and hug me and don't seem to mind