Walking Away
"why would I ask of you, need to say goodbye. say it, say it, oh, I don't know how to say this, please, here leave me warm, hollowed and open." --DMB; Any/Anti-noise

Don't ask me how I know
But I know I have to
Walk away, walk away
I know it hurts...
I hate myself for this
Why does it have to hurt?
I'm sorry, really sorry
I didn't want to walk away
The hardest thing is leaving you
but I'm afraid of my heart now
Leading me down this twisted road
The train jumped the tracks
oh, so long ago
Running down chasing it
My legs are wearing away
I should just stop this crazy mess
Before anyone else gets hurt
Should just stop and walk away
Can't say I won't regret this
But I feel it's the only way
Walk away
Don't for a second think that
That I don't love you anymore
Because my heart will always remember
And though I may not be here for you
I'll still imagine your face
Even after I walk away
Walk away, Walk away
I'm just going to walk slowly away
Say my goodbyes, and pray
God, protect you, and keep you safe...
God, keep the smiles on your face
God, don't let anyone hurt you
Like I all ready have
God, protect you from me
As I walk myself to Hell's gate
Walk away and meet my fate
I don't even know where I'm going
Blind, so blind, but I still walk away.

Authoress's Note: I'm not prone to writing these, but oh well. I wanted to let you know what this one was about. It's about relationships, plain and simple, and being afraid of hurting someone you care about, and hurting yourself, so you walk away, and regret it. It's sad, but It's true. Sorry.