A.N.~Don't worry, I get over these moods fast. I just wanted to show *certain* people that contrary to popular belief, I do indeed have a dark side in which I am not so nice.


(Go be unique, whore,
like every other fucking person in the world.)
Dead fish are the only ones who
go with the flow?
Who are you
to say such a thing?
Fuck you Fuck that Fuck words
that's all they are
but they hurt, they hurt.
You know what you are?
You're another piece of clay
molded without a mind.
what do you say to that, bitch?
Get a fucking backbone,
get a heart.
(You chickenshit.)
You wallow in misery cause
you're too afraid of change;
that you might not like it.
What the hell do you do with your life?
What do you do that makes you so much better?
you are nothing,
until you do something.
Where do you go in your mind when
you don't want to listen?
You go to
your fucking world of daydreams,
where everything goes the way you want it to,
and change just happens on its own,
without your help.
Can't you keep your mind
focused on one person?
(You fucking whore.)
You are never happy
with what you have...
Then get rid of it all,
find a place to hide and sleep,
where no one can find you, hear you,
hate you, love you.
Then sleep, and find that child who
used to live inside of you
(until SHE came)
and wake her up,
remember it all!
Then, maybe, it will all be all right.