Authors Note: I wrote this in class. The lesson was B-O-R-I-N-G (as always), so I made this. Now, I have something to ask you...

Who or what do you think I'm talking about in this poem?

Warning: This is best read slowly.

~ ** ~

I Dare Not Kill

The creature chose to live alone
But dare not kill again
Now he does now know whose side he's on
The heaven's light or the devil's den

A tear always escapes his eyes
For every life he kills
Their hurtful gasps and piercing eyes
Always sends him chills

He has chosen not - to live in the past
But the nightmare's haunts him more
The repeating screams and banishing tears
Sends him cold to the core

Day by day, and night by night
He lay still in his coffin.

~ ** ~

Author's Note: So, now do you know who or what it is? ^^