"Ceremonial Cigarette"
I had a dream last night,
Of the pretty girl I once knew,
And went to prom with last year.

She went to her childhood hideout,
To escape from reality for a moment,
And her best friend accompanied her.

They laughed and talked,
And eventually,
They drank and smoked,
Kind of a vanity thing.

When the girl's friend reached up,
To light the ceremonial cigarette,
Between the prom girl's lips,
They lost themselves.

And now,
They are frozen in time,
In that one immaculate moment,
Before their untimely deaths.

And which one is worse?
Being stuck in time,
In one of your most nostalgic,
And favorite times,
With your old best friend?

Or dying?

Dying because you simply could not,
Kill the urges within you,
That were slathered in vanity,
And lost in immaturity.

Either way...

This is what you get,
It's what you deserve.