Fallen//Angel. Broken//Wings

I'll claw my way out of my skin,

And freeze to death if I have to.

I'll cry my life away in silence,

And die that way if I do.

I'll fight the pain relentlessly,

And live to tell the tale.

I'll hang my head down in shame,

At how I still manage to fail.

Nobody knows my secrets.

Nobody knows my tears.

Nobody knows my heart's pain.

Nobody knows my fears.

Nobody understands me,

Or the things I do or say.

Nobody knows the real me,

Just what I'm like at day.

I'll slip into the shadows,

And put up a fight.

I'll fade into the background,

Away from the burning light.

You'll never know my love,

And how much I could've meant.

You'll never be above,

Or ever more content.

I'll keep myself hidden,

Away from all the lies.

I'll carry my own burden,

Until the day I die!