3 Roses

An enticing beauty holds your eyes
She captivates them with her smile
Blood red lips protect her face
But don't get too close
She can still bite

Rose is beautiful
Natural and clever
She's cunning and powerful
Thorns will pierce your heart
If you let yourself get
In too deep

To your right stands another
Her white hair blows softly
In the gentle wind
Yet she still has her dignity
Essence of life

The white rose
She is pure and gentle
Offers you protection
But can still hurt you
Don't touch her
Or blood will stain her petals

A final rose on your left
She lies down with sad
Black eyes crying
She is black and withered
Dying but still a threat

This beauty she holds
Strains your heart
It curls round you
And tears you apart
Keep your distance
She is contagious

Three roses are before you
They smile, frown and cry
Standing together
Good and evil
Death and life
They represent
Each a different time