One millenia ago, a seed fell from the sky and planted itself in Earth's barren soils. From its roots, a tree known as the Divine Tree grew. From its branches came the races that populate this world. The 105th race was the peace loving humans. They hated weapons and detested fighting. 106th were the towering dragons. These winged beasts were revered and treated like gods. 107th were the mighty winglies. These winged warriors loved to have friendly battles with each other. But soon they tired of their games. They decided to do something more "challenging". They decided to enslave the humans. But, the humans fought back. Being the peace-loving race that they were, they enlisted the help of the dragons. They were granted the very essence of the dragons themselves and were armed with the very elements of the earth: air, earth, fire, water, electricity, light, and darkness. Also, deadly magic and pure brute force was given to them. After a bloody confrontation, these "dragoon warriors" prevailed and destroyed the Divine Tree. The seed was dug up and cut in half. The two halves were embroidered with a magical spell and cast to the ends of the Earth. Only two people can touch the seed halves, and whoever finds them first has the ability to heal or kill at their own expense, unless put into the wrong hands. The past and the future are about to collide. Behold your destiny..