Ruby's eyes bugged out, then she looked down. Topaz came up to her and poked her shoulder. When Ruby looked up, she was glad to see Topaz had an absence of red in her eyes.

"Let's just forget about the whole 'staring' thing. It usually doesn't bother me that much.You look parched. There's a small city up ahead. Let's go get a drink," Topaz proposed. Ruby and Sapphire agreed. They didn't notice how far that they had walked, but it was starting to get dark and now, they couldn't see their city.

They kept walking, talking and giggling amongst themselves, when they saw someone leap out in front of them. They all stopped and looked at the girl, Sapphire being pushed to the ground. She had light blue-ish white hair and was wearing what looked like a promotional skirt and shirt. They were very colorful. Topaz had to look away.

"Welcome to. ENTERIAEL! My name is Emerald and I will be your tour guide today! Where would you like to go first?" she burst out.

"Can't.take.preppiness!" Topaz said through clenched teeth.

"Are you looking for someone?" Emerald continued.

"Yes. As a matter of fact we are! We're looking for you!" Sapphire said happily.

"Sapphire? Is that you? I didn't see you back there! Why are you looking for me?" Emerald asked.

"You're coming on our adventure with us!" Sapphire explained.

"She's coming on our adventure?" Topaz said, again through clenched teeth.

"Yup!" Sapphire replied.

They walked through town, Topaz and Emerald staring at each other. Topaz's eyes again were red.