Forever hanging
In the canvas of the sky,
Guided by the Artist's hand.
Ever changing,
Ever the same;
All unique;
In perfect harmony.
Flickering like candles
In the firmament's cathedral,
They light the paths of angels
With their glimmering enchantment.
Like a half-forgotten dream
That shimmers in the eyes
Yet soars above a conscious thought,
Their sparkling inspiration
Hovers, pure, in hopeful air:
For endless they've endured,
And yet recall a time more fair.
A silvery perfection
Arises from the soul:
Like clinging to sand-
Stronger the hold,
Faster it goes-
Reach out with hands of longing despair
For the mercury sensation,
This entrancement for the soul
Becoming venom for the mind.
Lost in their depths from a million miles away.
Dream in their perfection, yet live empty in their absence.
Long for their fulfillment, shatter with the pain.
Life-blood and tears
Flow through the same veins.