By:Andrew Troy Keller

Now,I know that this little tome
May sound like something out of The Twilight Zone.
But believe it or not,I'm on a misson to spread
Some holiday cheer on behalf of the man in red
Suit named Santa Claus,whose popularity is really in the zone.

And I do believe that I'm willing to do the trick,
For I'm actually the son of Ol' Saint Nick
And I've wanted to do something that'll make my dad
Be proud of something that I had
Done with an attitude that is so slick.

As for my name,it happens to be
Simon and I've came to America to see
Each and every one of you about what to
Do during the holiday season and all through
The new-year-to-be.

That one thing you should do is give
A lot of love to those who you live
And work with and enjoy the holiday
Season with your loved ones,who may
Agree that this might help you to longer live.