It was Halloween night, and things seemed to be a bit out of control. On a couch sat three blondes, one with long wavy hair, one that could pass for a brunette, and another with glasses. Sitting on the floor was a tallish brunette, and a redhead. No one here seemed nutty, but perhaps it was the two chasing each other around the house while everyone else laughed hysterically was what set the mood. It seemed the taller of the two was winning. The other one, panting, decided to sit down in the living room. Right on top of the redhead.

"Megan!" she cried. "Can't..breathe...

" The one named Megan giggled, obviously pleased with her torture. The one she had been chasing came in as well. Megan's eyes narrowed. "I'll get you Liz." She said, still a little out of breath. Liz just smiled.

"Of course Megan, of course."

The tall brunnette on the floor laughed. "Too bad Colleen isn't here."

"Well SHE ditched US." The redhead said in mock annoyance. "She must pay the penalty of not being her-ooof! MEGAN!!" With that she pushed Megan off of her, and rolled over. Megan pouted for a second, then proceeded to the couch to sit on the three there. The blondes had other ideas however, and Megan was rolled from one lap to another. She cursed them in turn.

"Katie! Damn you Lauren. Ow! Aubrey!"

Suddenly the doorbell rang. "PIZZA!" Everyone yelled unanimously, while running to the door. Liz reached it first, since she was already standing, and this was her house.

After the poor confused pizza guy had given them their pizza and taken the money, the seven girls sat happily in various places, munching on food. Suddenly the tall brunette started giggling. Everyone turned to stare.

"What the heck Nicole?"

Nicole just shook her head. "Poor pizza guy, he looked very confused."

The redhead smiled. "He was probably new. Poor guy. At least we didn't suck the blood out of him and rip off the outside of his flesh." Everyone gave her a disgusted look.

"Lindsay, you are nasty." Said one of the blondes. Lindsay fake bowed.

"So are you Katie. Don't talk." Katie let out an offended sigh and commenced to eating her pizza.

Suddenly the room went all green, and started to spin. Colleen randomly appeared in the room, looking very confused. Before anyone could do anything, they were all dumped onto what looked like a gigantic cloud. A voice behind them suddenly made them jump. "BOW DOWN BEFORE THE ALL MIGHTY OR PERISH!!!!!!!"


To be continued.