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This Side Upside Down

Chapter One—Just Another Day

The halls of Barton Middle School were filled with a throng of six, seventh, and eighth graders, all of them rushing to get to their second period class. It was impossible to concentrate on just one person when everyone was playing what seemed like a human version of pinball: rushing, dodging, occasionally getting catapulted and falling onto the ground.

For Bunny, this was one of those occasions. She bounced off of the back of Nick (the tallest and most solidly built kid in eighth grade), then off of a wall, then a trash can, a couple of more kids, and finally landed on her butt in the doorway of her science class (which was the class she was headed to). She blinked her eyes, and set her glasses straight. "Figures," she grumbled. "They get in the way the one time I decide to wear them." Nick himself walked in, and merely stepped over her. Bunny blew her blonde bangs out of her eyes in exasperation.

"Comfortable, Bun?" a voice said from the doorway. Bunny looked up, tugging her shirt (which read "B4|\|D |\|3RD") smooth. "Hey, Nada," she said. Nada offered her hand down to Bunny, pulling her up. "Man, I dunno how I'm gonna get through marching next year," Bunny said, running a hand through her short blonde hair. "I can't even get through the hallways at school!" Nada picked a piece of lint off of her white "CANADA" t-shirt and shrugged. "Well, you get to carry a trombone," she said. "The sousaphone is bigger than I am!" The bell rang, and the girls rushed to their seats.

* * * * *

Brian looked over his case material, seeing who he got stuck with this time. The conscience was 5.5 inches tall, the perfect size to stand on a person's shoulder and whisper in their ear what to do. One white wing and one dark gray wing contrasted with his cargo pants and jet black "3V1L L33T" shirt, but hey, that came standard with all consciences these days…except for the temp agents.

He hummed slightly as he read the description of Bunny. "13, almost 14…looking forward to high school…smart, but a total slacker—sounds like me…" he said to himself. "All in all, not a bad kid…she just needs to focus more on school and less on…ANIME?!" His blue-green eyes widened behind his glasses. Whoa, he thought. She's like…me!

"Brian, have you looked over Bunny yet?" a little green dragon asked, its voice carrying a heavy Australian accent. It was Zoot, his supervising manager. Brian nodded. "One question," he said. "She's almost exactly like me. How the hell do you expect me to steer her in the right direction when no one's been able to get me there?" Zoot grinned, his shiny dragon teeth showing. "I figure you'll be good for each other," he said, then his grin turned to a frown. "But DON'T MESS UP! OR SLACK OFF!" Brian winced. Zoot really didn't have to remind him about how close he was to losing his job. He'd screwed up several times before, partially due to slacking off, and partially due to not really keeping his case in check.

"I promise Zoot, I'll try on this one," he said. Zoot nodded. "Okay," he said. "You start tomorrow. And I swear, if you screw this one up, you'll be getting the Jackson case!" Brian's eyes nearly popped out of his skull at the mention of the case that no conscience had made it out of sane. "Oh man," he said to himself.

* * * * *


Bunny sneezed while she was getting her trombone out of its case for band. Her friend Gren, a flute player, looked over. "Bless you," she said. Bunny sniffed a bit, and snapped the case shut. "Thanks," she said, grabbing her music. She sat at the head of the trombone section, and looked up at the board to see what music they'd play today. She grinned when she saw it was the chair test material—Bunny was first chair in the top band at Barton, and she was gonna stay there, too.

After band, Nada and Bunny were walking to their respective fifth period classes. A thought struck the blonde's mind, and she turned to her friend. "Hey, Nada," she said. "Have you ever wondered what we're gonna do when we get out of college, and there's no more band?" Nada shrugged, and flipped her long, straight reddish-brown hair over her shoulder. "Well," she said. "We could always become responsible adults, get married, have kids, and all that sort of thing."

The girls contemplated a life like that for a moment. No anime? Bunny thought. No manga, no video games, no Megatokyo, no band, no going to Japan, no fun at ALL? The thought was a bit scary. No Canada? Nada herself pondered. No Lord of the Rings, no Legolas, no Neo, no Matrix, no band, no fun at ALL? The girls laughed. "Us? Grow up and become responsible ADULTS?" Nada said, giggling. Bunny snickered. "Yeah, like THAT'll ever happen!"

* * * * *

Brian couldn't help but chuckle as he watched Nada and Bunny. And yet, he had the growing sense that he was gonna have a LOT of work ahead of him…

Chapter one—end!

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