I have decided to go ahead and end "This Side Upside Down", and start fresh with a new series. So I've tweaked a bit here and there on this chapter (er, mainly the opening and closing notes). Enjoy the last chapter!

This Side Upside Down


Brian looked at his wing, and his breath caught in his throat. It was pure white, indistinguishable from freshly fallen snow. Emotion flooded into him; ecstasy, confusion, and sadness. He was so happy that he could start over again with a clean slate, confused about what was going to happen next, and terribly sad at the prospect of leaving his Bunny. .wait, his Bunny? He shook his head quickly, as if trying to shake the thought out of his head. She wasn't "his", she was his charge. She was his to look after, nothing more.
And yet.he'd miss her so much. More than anything in the world. He remembered when she had come home so confused one night from a school pool party that he didn't go with her. She had kissed a boy she wasn't so sure that she liked, and everyone had seen, and rumors were flying, etc, etc. He had comforted her that night, helping her sort out the complex puzzle of her feelings, and made her laugh through her tears. He'd miss being the one to do that. He wanted to be there for her still, so he could help her fix things when they went wrong.
And he wouldn't be.
Later that night, after Bunny had gone to bed, Brian sat alone in the darkness of the computer room. He had packed his things, because Zoot had informed him he would be leaving tonight. His stomach was fluttering, and his heart was ripped in two. He was leaving her. She'd been his reason his wing was white again, the cause of his happiness. And he was leaving her.
"Time to go," a voice with a heavy Australian accent said. He looked up, and there stood Zoot. Brian stood up, grabbing his bag. "I'm ready," he said quietly. Zoot shook his head. "No, you're not," he said. Brian looked confused. "But-?" he started, but the tiny dragon jerked his head towards Bunny's room. "We've got to take away her memories first," he said. "And you need to say good-bye." "Oh," Brian said. "How're we gonna do that?" Zoot began to fly towards her room. "Follow me." Brian did.
They stood at the edge of her bed, looking at her sleeping figure. "Alright," Zoot began. "The only way to successfully remove her memories is a kiss from you." The look on Brian's face was priceless. "WHAT?!" he exclaimed, lucky Bunny was a heavy sleeper. "Who the hell wrote that spell?" Zoot looked exasperated. "Jacqueline Smithe," he said. "She's head of spells, and loves doing stuff like that." Brian sighed. "Jesus," he muttered. "Lemme guess, the mouth?" Zoot nodded. "Pucker up," he said. Brian sighed again, and jumped over to Bunny's pillow.
He studied her face for the longest time, and couldn't help but wishing her clear blue eyes would open again. He'd give anything to look into them one last time. "Good-bye, Bun," he said softly. "It's been fantastic.I couldn't ask to know anyone better, let alone be with them all the time." He hesitated, before leaning over. "I love you," he whispered, before kissing her lips gently.
Deep inside her dreams, Bunny felt someone slipping away from her.

This Side Upside Down--End