Amelia woke early on the morning of December third. She had been planning today for quite a while. It was a very special day after all - Julianna's birthday. After quietly making her way down to the kitchen so as not to wake Julianna, she set about preparing Julianna's favourite breakfast - French toast with a tiny amount of melted chocolate poured over the top, as well as a bit of powdered sugar. She set the coffee on, and, once everything was ready, made up a breakfast tray to take to Julianna.

Stepping into their bedroom, she smiled at the sight of her sleeping love. Julianna's face was like that of an angel when she slept, not that it was any less beautiful in her waking hours. Amelia made her way over to the bed and lightly sat down, still holding the tray.

"Julianna, darling, it is time to wake up." She said softly, setting the tray beside her to lean over and lightly kiss Julianna's eyebrow. Julianna stirred, and opened an eye.

As she caught sight of Amelia, she smiled. "Good morning, love." She said, her voice sleepy.

"Sit up, darling. I have something for you." Amelia instructed and, after Julianna had sat up and was propped up with a few pillows, sat the breakfast tray across her lap. "Happy birthday, darling. I made your favorite."

Julianna's expression was one of surprise. "Oh, Amelia. You did not have to..."

"Of course I did, darling. It's your -birthday-. A day equally as special for me as it is for you. For if you had not been born, where would I be?" She smiled. "Now, are you going to eat your meal, or allow it to get cold?" Her chestnut eyes twinkled as Julianna picked up her fork and began to eat.

"Delicious, lovely." Julianna declared a few moments later as she finished her breakfast.

"Thank you, but I am not yet finished." Amelia smiled, "Get up and get dressed, love. We have a few places to visit."

Amelia first took her love to a small café that Julianna immediately recognized. It was the place they first met. Amelia led Julianna to a table in the corner and the two sat down, each ordering a white chocolate mocha.

"This is the place we first met. I knew the moment I saw you that you were someone special." Amelia reached into her purse and pulled out a long, narrow box and handed it to Julianna.

Julianna's green eyes clouded with confusion as Amelia handed her the box, but when she opened it she was quite surprised. Inside was a heart shaped locket. Words were inscribed across the front to say "To my someone special" and on the back, "For always." Julianna opened the locket to reveal a small picture of herself and Amelia, taken on their first 'date'. Julianna could not speak, but the shimmering in her eyes told Amelia what words could never say.

Amelia's next stop was to the city park, to a small bench overlooking the lake. As the two of them sat down, Amelia reached into her purse once more. "This is the place you first told me you loved me. I can never express to you the joy I felt in that moment." She pulled out another small box, and handed it to Julianna.

Julianna took it wordlessly and opened it. Inside was a simple gold ring, words again inscribed on it, this time to say "To one who brings me unending joy. For always." Julianna looked up at Amelia and immediately kissed her, sweetly, passionately. "Thank you, my darling."

Amelia only smiled. The two finally returned home, but it appeared Amelia was not yet finished.

"I have one final thing for you, Julianna." She walked over to a small closet and took from it a picture frame. As she held it out to Julianna, Julianna could see it was the same picture that was in her locket. Amelia had written something across the bottom.

"To the woman who has vowed to be with me come what may, who has stood by my side when no one else was there, and to the woman I have dedicated my heart - I love you. I love you so much that it would take an eternity to prove to you just how deep my love runs. I will be with you come what may, for ever and for always."

"Amelia. I do not know what to say." Julianna closed the short distance between herself and Amelia and drew the younger woman into a tight embrace, kissing her sweetly. "Thank you. This day has been more special to me than any other, and I cannot thank you enough. I love you, darling," She smiled, "come what may."