Lights and tinsel in the windows
Toys along the isles
Every parent despairing
Every time they see their child smile
At the toy that's sure to empty
Every penny that's in the bank
Scared they'll disappoint
So they work their fingers down to the joint
They have the season of stress to thank

Eat, drink and be merry
Put the presents beneath the tree
Hang holly in the halls
Stick cards along the walls
Anticipate how great it can be
If only Christmas didn't make you bankrupt
If only the season of stress was free.

In the end all that's left is paper
And gifts they'll be bored of in a week
You're thinking that you'll never
Pull the house together
Or find the sanity that you seek.
You have to return the decorations
To the attic for another year
Down in the dumps
That in another twelve months
Christmas will come again, never fear.