The first time the night sky shone,
Was when I noticed it.
With clovers and soft grass beds,
As I lay surrounded by dew, and stars.
And everything was still,
Until you,
Until you trampled my world of solitude.
And blotted out the fireflies,
With opaque and colourless you.
As the first raindrop fell
(I saw it plummet with a view of tears)
A world of worry and painful fears,
Flashed before me.
And I knew that one raindrop would turn into a storm.
For the warnings that screamed at me,
Were taken away, and now lay,
At the bottom of my murderous heart.
The heart that snatched my soul away,
To become a slave.
To set my self on fire to give you light,
To cut my veins to give you blood,
To kill my spirit to give you love.
Until you.
I was so happy.