It was a father's wish
To please himself
And make some quick cash
That he asked
The tall dark man to dinner.
The table was set with flowers and such
Things appealing to the senses.
Crystal glasses and porcelain plates
Adorned the meeting place.
Two sat down, father and man
To negotiate the price
And in she walked
The beautiful youth
Capturing the tall man's eye.
She walked with grace
Had long flowing hair
And her face radiated with beauty.
She poured choice wine in each glass
And quickly left the space.
The talk began
The cost started low
And the girl walked through the room
With each price change she appeared
And left just the same.
The strange man's lust
Heightened each time
She served his plate and glass
Until he cried, "The deal. It's done!
I'll take her in exchange!"
The father, greedy as he was
Made no objection
And never bothered
To look at the expression
On his, now taken, daughter's face.