By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had began in the age of the mighty warriors,who had dared to do battle against one another in order to possess the ultimate prize--the fabled jeweled scepter of Zandacron The Mericiless.

One by one,they all had been defeated in battle,until only a young warrior named Rix has remained victorious and able enough to procede to Zandacron's fortress and the jeweled scepter.

After he had reached the outer edge of the fortress,the young warrior had began to look for a way to enter such a structure without being detected by the evil one's shadow demons.

Then suddenly,that particular opportunity has appeared in the form of an oddly shaped cart that was about to enter the fortress through a wall that was opening wide enough to allow even an entire invading army of warriors to enter the fortress as well.

After he ran over to the cart,Rix had placed himself under the cart and used his dagger to hang on to the cart as it had rolled through the opening and into the fortress.

But as he had held on while the cart was moving,Rix had suddenly heard some strange sounds coming from inside the cart.

And after he had used his second dagger to make a hole in the bottom of the cart and took a peek inside,Rix was shocked to had discovered that the cart was being used as a transport for beautiful young females,whom the evil one was planning to place under his powerful spell and use them for his personal pleasure.

Then,after he had realized that he has seen enough,Rix had dropped down from his moving perch,unsheathed his sword and slew the cart driver with one swift stroke.

And after he had spotted one of the evil one's shadow demons reaching for a lever to close the opening with,Rix had taken one of his daggers into his hand and flung it into the back of the demon and killed him instantly.

And then,after he had used his mighty sword of power to destroy the lock,Rix had opened the cart's doors and allowed the captured females to step out of their rolling prison and flee from the terror that was Zandacron.

And after he had retrieved his dagger from the slain demon,the young warrior had ran out of the stables and towards the main corridor,where he was hoping to discover the correct path to the chamber that contains the jeweled scepter.

But then,as soon as he had entered the main the main corridor,Rix was suddenly confronted by a whole horde of shadow demons,who had prepared to do battle against the young warrior.

And yet,even they were unaware of the mighty weapon that the young warrior has in possession,for with one swift stroke,the first section of shadow demons had fallen before Rix's feet.

After the other shadow demons had attacked the young warrior and were slain by his sword of power,Rix had discovered the correct path to the chamber of the jeweled scepter.

And after he had reached the chamber and used his powerful blade to force open the door,the young warrior had looked with wide eyes at such a wonderous sight,for he had reached the ultimate prize and was about to be within his grasp.

But then,just as he was about to grab hold of the jeweled scepter,a beautiful maiden had appeared and informed Rix that she was one of Zandacron's spellbound slaves of pleasure,until he was suddenly distracted by the young warrior's intrusion into his fortress and the escape of the newest batch of would've been slaves.

And while he was being distracted,she was free of the spell and able to swipe the blade of a battleaxe right into his skull.

And as soon as they all were freed from the evil one's powerful spell,Zandacron's former slaves had entered the chamber of the jeweled scepter and hailed the young warrior as the mightiest in the entire realm.

Then,after he had granted the former slaves their freedom,Rix had grasped the jeweled scepter and used it to rule his newfound kingdom unlike the way the evil one had ruled it.

Rix had indeed became a kind and just ruler of the entire realm--and was able to do so with a new queen by his side,for he had taken Cassandra,the first newly freed slave that he had encountered in the chamber of the jeweled scepter as his bride.

And then,a year later,they were both blessed with the arrival of their first son,whom they had named Aloc,Prince of the newly freed realm.

And so ends the tale of the jeweled scepter.