Torn between two worlds.

Never feeling as though

I will ever belong.

Each choice has it's ups,

As they each have their downs.

One promises a lifetime of enjoyment,

The other an eternity in paradise.

I want to partake in both,

But that's impossible.

To enjoy the pleasure-filled sins of this world,

Is to forfeit my claim

To an eternity in heaven.

But a lifetime of watching

As my friends enjoy their lives,

While I sit back in the shadows,

Is as unappealing

As an eternity in hell.

I long to just let loose and enjoy myself,

But I do not wish to disobey God.

The temptation to turn from him,

To rebel,

Slowly begins to overpower

My will to follow his way.

But knowing what I've been taught,

Pulls me back again.

I'm stuck balancing on a fence,

Leaning back and forth,

Towards two different sides,

Torn between two worlds.