Time to Grow Up

It's time to grow up,

Leave our childhoods behind.

Become an adult,

Show our maturity.

Dolls and toys are things of the past,

Now money is most important to us.

Our education decides our outcome,

It molds our futures.

Soon we'll be in the big wide world,

Learning to support ourselves.

We'll have families of our own,

Learn what it's like to be hated by your children.

We'll experience the stress,

The heartbreak,

The hurt.

Grow older,

And see change.

Witness the things of our time

Become things of the past.

Gain new respect for our parents,

Understand the wisdom of the old.

Until one day,

We are those old.

And then we'll look back,

To this time when we had to grow up,

And wish that our childhood,

Could've lasted just a bit longer.