DISCLAIMER: This is mine. *shrug*
SUMMARY: I ask God where he has gone.
NOTES: I tried to do the ye olde English thing, but I'm not sure it worked. I might've overdone it. Lol.


Oh lord,
wherefore hast thou gone?
Thou hidest thy face from mine eyes.
Thou art a mystery to me.
Thy ears do not hear my plaintive cries.
Thy lips no longer kiss my forehead
as a father wouldst to a daughter.
I raise my hands to my father the sun,
but I do not feel his warmth.

Oh lord,
thou hast forsaken me.
Thou art lost to me, oh
God of Jacob
God of Abraham, and Isaac, and Moses.
I call upon you, lord,
to find me.
May we one day be reunited.

Oh lord.
I call upon you to save me
from the deep darkness,
this black hole that has opened up
within me.
I call upon you,
oh lord,
to save me.