DISCLAIMER: Psalm 23 is not mine. I don't profit from this.
SUMMARY: I decided to 'rework' Psalm 23 into a goddess thing... Just 'cause I was bored... *shrug*
NOTES: Personally, I do not think God is man, nor is God woman or beast... I just thought it would be interesting to see God in a different light than how he is usually seen. And I use 'he' subjectively.


Psalm 23.

She is my protector and
I am fulfilled.
She makes me lie down in verdant pastures.
She leads me to water in places of repose.
She renews my life.
She guides me in the paths of righteousness,
in her name's sake.

Although I walk through a valley of the deepest darkness,
I fear not, for she is here by my side.
Her rod and staff comfort me.

She spreads a table before me
in the presence of my foes.
She anoints me in oil;
my cup is overflowing.
Only goodness and steadfast love shall pursue me
all the length of my days,
and I shall dwell in her protective arms
for ever and ever