DISCLAIMER: I do not own Sergei Fedorov, and this is not based on truth.

SUMMARY: A poem based on Sergei Fedorov.

NOTES: Wrote this in his POV.


First game back home -
I mean, back in Detroit,
which is no longer my home.
I see familiar faces.
I will not let myself miss them.
I will not miss Stevie's silent leadership.
I will not miss Hullie's sarcastic barbs.
I will not miss the fans.
They never really liked me in the first place.
They always preferred Stevie to me anyway.
First game back in Detroit and
everything is the same
and yet not.
No Anna in my private box.
No cheers when I touch the puck.
Detroit, you are still in my heart
but why have you forgotten me?
I only left
because there just wasn't enough room here
for me to spread my wings and fly