Why have you left me?
One minute you're here with me and life seemed to have meaning,
But now you're gone, leaving me bleeding,
For you've ripped out a piece of my heart with your leaving.
I hate to say this, but yes, plenty.
Laying awake in bed, wondering if I could have done more,
Thinking what you have done to me,
But then I come back to thinking,
With my heart and mind sinking,
That you have killed me to the core.
How could you not see?
That what you have done, has the greatest affect on me?
I want to die, oh I do so much,
You wouldn't belive how I long for your touch.
You and I, we used to laugh and talk until the sun went to set,
Now that your gone, the sun has forever dimmed.
And yet,
I'm still wishing,
Still hoping,
That I'll turn the when I turn next corner,
And see you sitting there like nothing has changed
That my mind and soul have never been caged.
I'm trapped in this memory,
And it seems I can never escape it.
No matter how hard I fight it.
Now, I can admit something I havn't been able to.
Or, at least, never infront of you.
Is that,
God, I am just so afraid.
Please, come back
I want to see you agian,
I want to hold you agian.
I just want you.


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