Autumn Amazement

Autumn Amazement

Golden, ruby, and sunny flakes float through the crystal sapphire sky;

One child watches the jeweled trees and lets out a content sigh.

Soothed, silent, and all around satisfied, the boy like a mouse sniffs the air.

A smirk crawls onto his lips as he smells the scent of freshly baked pie,

wafting gently in the air.

The timid chill sets off a shiver,

And the boy shakes and quivers,

In the thin jacket he foolishly chose.

His mother calls, and the thought of her warm, delicious pie warms the boy from

his head to his toes.

Leaning back on the couch, the child lets out another happy sigh.

His young mind wanders as he thinks about the grand day he had.

In the smallest time before he sleeps, the boy thinks:

"I truly love the autumn. It always amazes me so. Now to rest and think of other