Is freedom really free?
Or is it an illusion?

Do we wake up and feel no burden?
We follow speed limits and laws: worry about money and taxes

Is freedom really free?
Pollution and waste, children in the streets and terrorists roam the nation

Is this what we fought for?
Poverty and death

Why do we live this way?
Imprison the innocent and let criminals go free

Why do we do the things we do?
Hit our children and wife's

We abolished slavery but we treat others different

Why are teens so self-absorbed?
Popularity and looks; who did what with who

We wanted independence, our own ways, didn't we?
We fought hard and gained all that only to live like this

Who do we blame?
We blame the blameless; we blame out friends and neighbors our pets and our cars
We never think to blame ourselves

Why did we fight to break away from England?
Restrictions and limitations

What do we have now?
Didn't change too much did it?

This is what we wanted, we got it
Now lets make it into what we really wanted