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Ally leaned back against the wall, waiting for Trent to emerge from the clubhouse. It was late and she was still very tired. She'd spent the day with Matt and Tristan, drinking tea and discussing politics. Then she'd gone to the game and sat in silence with Rock while Rob and the Yankees had taken quite a beating.

"Rob isn't going to be happy tonight."

Ally turned to her right and saw Daisy Lynn standing next to her. "Hey," she said sweetly. "I didn't see you."

Daisy Lynn smiled. "I just got here."

"Do you really think he'll be angry?"

"I don't know about angry but he'll be disappointed. He hates losing."

Ally glanced around quickly, making sure that no one was close enough to hear their conversation. When she decided that it was safe, she leaned in a little closer just to be sure. "Can I ask how things are going between you and Rob?"

"There isn't much between us," Daisy Lynn said quietly, her voice regretful. "He's being sweet but it's nothing out of the ordinary. I'm not even sure he wants anything else."

"Why not?" Ally asked, knowing that Daisy Lynn was wrong but not wanting to come right out and say it.

"He's such a different person now and I'm the same. He's dated movie stars and I'm just some girl from Texas."

"That's not true."

Daisy Lynn shrugged half-heartedly, like it didn't really matter to her. "He just doesn't seem interested. We sleep in different bedrooms and he never tries to kiss me or touch me. But he's so sweet... I don't really know, Ally."

Ally put her arm around Daisy Lynn's shoulders, giving her a quick squeeze. "Maybe he's courting you."

"It's possible but I'd rather he didn't," Daisy Lynn confessed. "I'd be crushed if it didn't work again."

"Talk to him about it."

"But I don't want to stress him out."

"You won't."

"But... what if that really isn't what he wants?"

"I think it is," Ally told her with a smile. "I really, really do."

Daisy Lynn smiled too, looking very relieved by Ally's words. She wanted Rob back; she'd wanted him back ever since she'd let him go 12 years before. Except she never thought it would work, until now. Not until Ally's words of assurance.

"Hey, girls," Trent said when he came through the door.

Before Ally or Daisy Lynn could even acknowledge Trent, Rob came through the door too. He looked tired and frustrated, his mouth tight and his shirt wrinkled. They all looked at him, wanting to keep a safe distance in case of any sudden outbursts. Even Trent, whose locker was next to Rob's, took a step back.

"Ready?" Rob asked in a flat voice, his eyes blank.

Daisy Lynn nodded and quickly stepped towards him. "Bye, Ally," she called over her shoulder as she walked away with Rob. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Is he okay?" Ally asked once Rob and Daisy Lynn were gone.

Trent pulled her to him, his eyes still focused down the hall as if Rob would come back. "He does not like losing. Hates it. Absolutely hates it."

"But he'll be okay?"

"He will be. He just needs some time to cool off."

Ally gave Trent a kiss. "And how are you?"

"A little worried."


"Because it all comes down to tomorrow," he sighed. And then a smile came onto his face. "But I have a pretty good feeling about tomorrow."

She kissed him again. "Let's go. I'm about to fall asleep."

 "Me too."

"Wanna carry me?" Ally joked.

Trent shrugged and flipped Ally over his shoulder. He gave her a pat on the butt and couldn't help but laugh. "People must think we're pretty weird."

"I was joking, ya know."

"I know."

"Then why are you still carrying me?"

"Because it's easier to keep carrying you than to stop and put you down."

"Whatever," she laughed.

When they got out to his car in the parking lot, Trent set Ally on her feet again. Suddenly feeling light headed, she grabbed his arm for balance. Trent put an arm tightly around her, looking concerned.

"You alright?"

Ally nodded. "Head rush."

Trent leaned down and kissed her quickly. "Don't pass out. The ground's probably filthy."

"Thanks for the advice."

"No problem," he laughed, kissing her again.


Ally woke up suddenly, feeling Trent slip out of bed. She glanced sleepily at the clock; it was 3:42 in the morning. At first, she half-expected him to go into the kitchen and get something to eat. But she was proved very wrong when he started pacing back and forth at the foot of the bed.

"Are you okay?" she asked quietly, sitting up.

Trent jumped, surprised that Ally was awake. "Uh... yeah. I just couldn't sleep."

"Thinking about tomorrow?"


"You'll do fine."

"I know... it's the just the biggest day of my life." He sat down on the edge of the bed, resting his elbows on his knees and setting his chin in his hands. "It could make or break me, ya know?"

Ally nodded.

He looked over at her and smiled. "Is it dumb that I'm nervous?"


"Because it feels like it. I keep telling myself not to be nervous but I can't shake it."

"It's game seven of the World Series, of course you can't shake it."

"I guess you're right." Trent laid down next to Ally again, sighing loudly and deciding not to tell her that he hadn't been talking about the game.

"Night," Ally yawned.

Trent wrapped his arms tightly around her. "Night."

"Tomorrow's gonna go great."

"I'm glad you say that," he replied quietly, another smile coming to his face.


Trent stretched his arms over his head and got out of bed, glancing at the clock as he did; it was already a few minutes past noon. He pulled on a sweatshirt and walked into the kitchen, where he found Ally.


"Hey, lazy bones. It took you long enough to get up," she replied without looking up.

Trent walked over to the table where Ally was sitting and stopped, looking down at her. In front of her on the table was two stacks of lottery tickets, a bag of Hershey Kisses and a pile of Hershey Kiss wrappers, a very odd combination in Trent's opinion. "What the hell are you doing?"


"And eating Hershey Kisses," he observed, taking a silver-wrapped Kiss from the bag. He unwrapped it and popped it into his mouth, dropping the foil on top of Ally's pile. "That's weird if I've ever seen it."

Ally looked up from the ticket she'd been scratching. "Says you." She pushed the ticket aside and crossed her arms on the table top, still staring up at him. "How'd you sleep?"

"Fine, once I actually fell asleep."

"I hope it wasn't too late."

"Not really. It was a little after I talked to you."

"Oh... well, I guess that's not too bad."

Trent sat on the edge of the table, taking her hands in his. He didn't say anything, he just brought one of her hands to his mouth and kissed it softly.

"Are you still nervous?"

"Incredibly," he laughed uneasily.

"When do you have to leave?"

"A few hours."

"Do you have time for a movie or something? To get your mind off the game."

A smile came to Trent's face and he kissed her hand again. "I think I do. Why don't you pick a movie while I jump in the shower?"

"Alright," Ally said. She watched Trent leave the room, smiling to herself. Her stomach was twisting like crazy, her nerves about to give her a heart attack. It seemed stupid that she'd be so nervous but, at the same time, Ally just couldn't help herself.


Rock was waiting for her on the corner of 151st and River Avenue like he'd promised, a giant smile on his face. "Hello, hello."

"You're wearing a Red Sox jacket," Ally groaned. "And a Red Sox beanie."


"What about Trent's jersey? Is it under there somewhere?"

"If I say yes, would you believe me?"


"Good move," Rock laughed, tossing an arm casually around her shoulders and pulling her in the direction of one of the many stadium entrances. "God... it's so damn cold!"

"No shit. It's October in New York, it's not supposed to be warm."

"It should be. It'd make things a lot better."


Ally and Rock got to their seats just as the public address announcer was introducing the Yankees. He went through the entire team, starting with the staff and going through all of the players, even the ones who wouldn't be playing.

"And, warming up in the right field bullpen, the pitcher, number 46, Trent Harbor," he boomed after he'd introduced everyone else. A roar rose from the crowd when he said Trent's name. And it made Ally smile.

"He must've been so nervous," Rock declared as he watched Trent come to the mound after the national anthem.

"He couldn't sleep."

"If I were out there, I'd probably pass out."

"Me too," Ally agreed, watching carefully as Trent threw his warm-up tosses. "Or I'd pee my pants."

The first batter struck out and up came Carlos Beltran, Trent's arch nemesis from the game in Houston. Trent's second pitch to Beltran was deposited into the stands in left and the Astros were suddenly up by one.

"Shit," Ally muttered angrily.

"Ally, it's the first inning," Rock reminded her.

"I know... I just hate to see him mess up. He's going to beat himself up over it."

"Like you're doing now?"

Ally elbowed him lightly in the side, starting to laugh. "Shut up."

"Ya know, Al, I never want to be around you when you get really angry about something."

"And why is that?"

"Because you'd leave scars!" he laughed matter-of-factly.

Ally continued laughing, leaning against him as she did. He put his arm around her and held her against him, rubbing her arm with his hand to help keep her warm.

When Trent collected his third out of the inning, Ally sprang to her feet and started clapping excitedly. It caught Trent's attention as he walked back to the dugout and he too started laughing, finding amusement in his girlfriend's enthusiasm.

"When are you going to marry him?" Rock asked once Ally had sat back down.

"No time soon."

"Why not? You already live together and you've admitted that you're head over heels in love with him so now you're just wasting time."

A smile played onto Ally's face. "If he asks me, I'll marry him but I don't think that'll happen for a long time."

"Well, if I were in his place, I would've proposed years ago," Rock told her. A grin came onto his face and he nudged her side lightly. "How's that for sweet?"

"You're such an idiot," Ally snorted. Hearing herself snort, she started to laugh hysterically.

"I'm getting a beer and I really think you need one too."

"Good idea... it might calm me down a bit."

"I'd say you need it," Rock said with a wink.


With one out in the ninth inning, Trent still held the Astros to only one run on eight hits. The Yankees had a 3-1 lead as Carlos Beltran again came up to bat in the ninth inning with two people on base. Before Beltran could even step into the batter's box, Joe Torre was halfway out of the dugout.

Everyone in the stadium got to their feet and cheered loudly for Trent as he handed over the ball. The roar was deafening as he walked to the dugout, a smile inching onto his face. Before he stepped into the dugout, he tipped his cap to the crowd. He was smiling now, his eyes locked on Ally as she cheered for him.

'Enter Sandman' began pounding through the stadium, letting everyone know that Mariano Rivera was on his way into the game. Ally sank back into her seat and looked over at Rock, whose eyes held a slight glint of sadness. But, despite the sadness, she could see that a smile was lingering just below the surface.

"He did pretty damn good," Ally sighed, unable to keep a smile off of her face.

"I hate to admit it but he did."

Ally grinned at him. "Ah ha! I knew that you liked him!"

"I like him," Rock admitted, a hint of a smile finally coming onto his face. "But I'd like him a lot more if he played for my Red Sox."

"Sorry, babe, but that ain't gonna happen."

"It could."


There was a loud burst of screaming from the crowd and both Ally and Rock looked up in time to see Derek Jeter firing the ball to first to complete the double play. The game was over and the Yankees had won the World Series.

Ally, along with everyone else, jumped to her feet and threw her hands into the air. "Yes!"

Rock also got to his feet, though it was because he didn't want to be the only one still sitting down. He clapped lightly and was a little surprised when Ally pulled him into a tight, albeit bouncy, hug."

"I've gotta go," she yelled into his ear, fighting with the noise of the crowd.


"I have to get to the clubhouse! I am not going to miss that champagne party!"

"Alright. Have fun," he replied, kissing her on the cheek.

"Bye!" Ally released Rock and dashed up the stairs. She made her way down to the clubhouse entrance where she found Tina and Daisy Lynn, as well as the wives and girlfriends of the other players. When she got to them, Ally pulled Tina and Daisy Lynn into a bear hug, bubbling over with excitement.

A security guard (who was smiling quite excessively) showed up and let the women into the clubhouse, where plastic was already hanging over the lockers and champagne was already on ice. Before she could go in, Ally grabbed Daisy Lynn and pulled her back.

"Did you talk to Rob?" Ally asked curiously.

"Not yet... he was in a bad mood last night. I couldn't spring it on him then," Daisy Lynn explained. "But I will tonight."

Ally grinned at her. "He'll be in a great mood tonight!"

"That's what I'm hoping for."

"C'mon, we've got a party to attend," Ally giggled, heading into the clubhouse. When she got inside, she realized just how warm it was so she pulled off her beanie, jacket and sweatshirt, depositing them in Trent's locker. When she went to pull the plastic back over his locker, she saw that Trent had put up the newspaper picture of them kissing in the stands after his perfect game.

"Nice shirt," Tina laughed from behind Ally.

Ally spun around, a dopey smile still on her face. "W-what?"

"Your shirt. With Trent's number. It is nice."

"Oh! Thanks!"

"Are you excited for Trent?"

Ally nodded vigorously, still smiling. "Very."

There was a loud commotion, grabbing everyone's attention. They all looking in the direction of the noise and saw the team explode into the room, led by a very ecstatic Trent.

Ally raced up to him and jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around him. She kissed him softly before resting her head against his. "I told you that you'd do great!"

"Piece of cake," he laughed, kissing her again. He felt her legs release him but he continued to hold onto her. "They're going to drench me in a second so I'd recommend standing back."

"Right." Ally kissed him one last time and took a step back.

No sooner had Ally stepped back did the champagne start flying, soaking everything. Ally huddled off to the side with Tina and Daisy Lynn, trying not to get too wet. And then Rob joined them, catching them all by surprise.

"Here," he said, handing an open bottle of champagne to Ally. He wiped the champagne from his face and grinned at her. "Pour it down his shirt. It'll be funny."

Ally looked over at Trent and was glad to see that he had his back to her. She smirked at Rob and skipped over to Trent. Somehow, she managed to empty nearly the entire bottle down the back of jersey before he was able to turn around.

"That was horribly mean," he laughed, still squirming as the champagne continued to roll down his back.

"Really? I thought it was pretty funny."

Trent smirked and put his arms tightly around Ally's waist. He picked her up and walked off to the side of the clubhouse, away from everyone else. Still smirking, he set her down and kissed her again.

"You have a very mischievous look in your eye," Ally declared.

"I need you to do me a favor."

"Not if it means I'm not allowed to pour champagne on you anymore."

"That's not it." Trent let his arms drop from her waist, taking the champagne bottle from her. He set it down on the floor and took her hands in his, putting his mouth next to her ear. "Besides, you owe me a favor."

"Fine, but only because I owe you."

"Marry me," he whispered.

Ally's heart nearly stopped. She felt her knees growing weak as Trent slipped a ring onto her finger. Finally, when she could summon it, she squeaked, "Okay."

Trent pulled her into a kiss, wrapping his arms tightly around her. He picked her up and spun her around, trying to keep himself from jumping around like a madman. When he set her down again, he felt her arms snake around his neck and pull him into a deep, passionate kiss.

"I just figured," he said quietly, "that you needed something to go with those earrings that I got you."

"Thank you," Ally choked, trying not to cry. She looked at the ring on her finger and was blown away by it; it was a very large emerald-cut diamond sitting on a platinum band that had several more diamonds set in it, circling the entire band. It sparkled up at her and a smile came to her face, tears creeping down her cheeks. "It's beautiful."

"I'm glad you like it."

"I really want to scream it to everyone."

Trent smiled at her, his eyes shinning. "Go right ahead."

Ally kissed him, holding her lips against his for what seemed like an eternity. When she finally let him go, she turned to go tell anyone that she could find. But she stopped when she saw Rob and Daisy Lynn; Daisy Lynn's arms were around Rob's neck and his hands were holding her hips tightly against him as they talked. A smile flooded Rob's face and he leaned down, initiating a very deep, very intense kiss, moving his hands from her hips to her face.

"Finally," Ally sighed.

Trent wrapped his arms around her from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder. "Finally is right. He's been miserable."

"I'm really happy for them."

"And I'm really happy for us." Trent kissed her cheek and then watched her bound over to Tina and Carlos, telling them the news. They each hugged her and then she told Rob and Daisy Lynn, who were no longer lip-locked. Trent smiled to himself, knowing that he'd found the perfect woman for him and made the perfect decision by asking her to marry him.

"Harb," Rob said loudly, coming across the clubhouse and giving Trent a hug. "Congratulations, man."


"Why didn't you tell me?"

"You would've told her," Trent pointed out with a laugh.

Rob grinned. "Yeah, I guess I would've."

"I told you he would ask you," Tina laughed, giving Ally another tight hug.

"I guess I should've listened to you, eh?" Ally looked over at Trent as he received congratulations, hugs and handshakes from his teammates. A smile tugged at her lips and took over her face without her even noticing it.

"That ring is amazing," Daisy Lynn sighed, taking Ally's hand and gazing at the ring again.

Feeling someone touching her hand, Ally snapped back to reality. Her eyes caught Daisy Lynn's and she smirked at her. "I saw you and Rob making out."

Daisy Lynn blushed, unable to hide her obvious excitement. "I told him how I felt and he said he felt the same way."

"Are you together then?" Tina asked.

"We are. And I think it'll work this time."

"Good. Because Rob needs to settle down. And he needs someone who will treat him how he deserves to be treated," Ally declared.

"I can do that," Daisy Lynn replied, smiling as she looked over at Rob. "I can definitely do that."

A few minutes later, Trent and Ally found themselves standing off to the side again. With a very pleased smile, Trent put his arms tightly around her waist. Ally, who was having trouble keeping her eyes off of the ring, set her hands lightly on Trent's chest, locking her eyes on his. But she found his eyes to be much more intriguing than the ring could ever be.

"I have like a million people to call." She paused to kiss him and then continued, "Matt and Tristan will probably come over right away, ya know."

"Matt? As in your brother Matt?"

Ally nodded. "He's in town. I thought I told you that?"

"I... I think I forgot."

"He won't hurt you," Ally promised with a smile.

"Well, if you promise that he won't hurt me then everything's fine."

Ally slipped her arms around Trent's neck and pulled him even closer to her. She buried her head in his shoulder, her eyes growing wet again.

"This is amazing," Trent noted. "I can't even believe it."

Ally lifted her head and looked at him, seeing that he was gazing out at the room of his champagne-soaked teammates. There was a tiny smile on his face as he looked around, like a little boy who had just had all of his dreams come true.

"What? You never thought you'd win the World Series?" Ally asked him, tightening her arms around his neck. "What kind of Yankee doesn't expect to win the World Series?"

Trent looked at her again, a sparkle in his eyes and a smile on his face. "That's the last thing on my mind right now."