You have hurt me in everyway possible,

You left me to dry, you watched me suffer.


Why am I so different?

How do I stand out from the crowd?

It's not like I suddenly yell out aloud,

When everythings too quiet.

Like the calm before the riot.

You have scared me more then one,

More than one way,

More than once in that day.

And as you did this to me,

Not caring enough to let me be.

I stand there and take it.

And hope that for another day I'll make it.

Maybe stay alive enough to tell you that I care.

But everytime I try to tell,

We both know all too well,

That I'll never say what is ment to be said.

So the words are forever silenced,

Forever trapped inside my head.

But then I still hope, like the fool I am.

That maybe you'll stop hurting me long enough,

For me to say the words that must be said.

But the few moments after, they will be tough.

For you won't be able to get around it to,

That maybe, just maybe, I love you.


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