I see tears roll off your face
Your broken dreams shatter on the floor,
One by one as those tiny crystals melt your
Heart to bitter stone.
I look at you,
From a distance,
I try to comfort you with my eyes,
I try to hold you with my soul.
But you shake me off,
Wanting to be left alone,
I turn away as the sadness
Withers your beauty.
I tell you everything's alright,
That everything will be ok,
But you don't listen,
You tell me to leave.
I am gone now,
Out of your face,
Out of your house,
Out of your life.
Now there is nothing left in you,
Pain turned your love to hate,
Depression scarred your face,
Sadness is the poison running in your veins.
You are all alone,
Nothing but the emptiness to keep you company,
You had it all but you threw it away,
Now the only thing that hugs you when you're sad,
Are the teardrops clutching to your face.