A/N:  This poem is the property of The Immortal Mystique Diamond.  Please do not take any of it without the permission of yours truly!  It was something that inspired me, and I had to write it.  Enjoy!

Down and out

And no one cares

Lost and lonely

No one's there

Now I'm lying down to sleep

My dreams and hopes I shall not keep

You shun me out because I'm bi

Within my heart I want to die

Why is life so cruel and harsh?

Is this all meant to be?

Just because my love is different

Is this my destiny?

I'm mocked and poked at

Everyday of my life

I drown in this sea of misery

As I plunge in deeper with every stroke of my knife

Inside I am still a child

A scarred little girl wanting to be free

Outside I must wear a mask

To hide and trap the real me

I cry these tears of pain

Stinging like needles down my cheeks

My inner voice cries out to stop

But alas, I do not speak

Why do you all hate me?

Just because I do not love the same

Why must you keep me locked inside?

My ray of hope barely remains

In my heart I long to tell you

To rid my endless path in the dark

But I cannot come to say it

Too dim now is my spark

All I want is for you to love me

To treat me as one of your own

But instead you bow to the hatred of society

I will forever be alone

My time on earth is short, friend

I must now say goodbye

But I am not the cold and bitter one

So why am I to die?

~Please R/R.