A/N:  This poem is the property of The Immortal Mystique Diamond.  Please do not take any of it without my consent.  I do not own, however, the quote at the end.  That was taken from a Sarah Brightman song.  My deepest thanks and respect to her for writing and recording such a beautiful and powerful song.  Without it, I probably couldn't have written this the way I had wanted. ^^ For all of you that haven't heard it- go get the CD!  The album is called La Lune.  You won't regret it! ^_^ There was a lunar eclipse tonight and I was taken by it.  Hence, this poem.  Although it is really spring- the poem is set in the summertime.  ^^ Please be sure to drop me a review and enjoy! ^_^

When the moon is high

And the night has set in

I feel a wave of completion within my very soul

Emerging from the depth of the waters

I open my eyes to find myself in revelation

There above me

But tonight in a mere silver lining

Stands the moon

The winds from the summer night caress my every sense

As I can't help but float within the pool

In complete awe of this beautiful creation

I long to fly up and touch it

But alas, I do not have wings

There is so much up there that I would love to explore

But yet, I cannot bring myself to it

The lunar eclipse which surrounds this precious treasure

Creates a mystical silver ring

United by night

And bound together by the power of nature

The two seem to fit together in perfect balance

Seemingly dancing among the clouds

The stars their only witness

To the love they seem to share

The clouds swaying around them

The wind and the crickets creating a sweet melody

The beautiful

The sacred

Song of the night

I do not care about the time

Or who else may join me

Eventhough I know it is late

I am still in my same place

As I always am every summer night

Paying my well deepened respect

For my beloved night

For that is when I feel alive

When my heart longs at it's most

Alone or with my love

I feel like I belong here

Amidst the soft, nurturing celestial blanket that is night

And the majestic guiding light that is the moon

But soon I know it will be over

The accursed sunlight weaving it's way in

Concealing my time of complete and utter bliss

Until we may meet yet again

~*~*~*~*La Lune~*~*~*~*

Sous les nuages de la nuit

je marche vers la clairiere

d'un éclat argente je la vois

la lune

Elle porte les voiles de l'eternite

Son aureole embrasse

Les etoiles, ma lune ~*~*~*~*


~*~*~*~*The Moon~*~*~*~*

Under the clouds of the night

I walk toward the clearing

In a silvery burst, I see it,

the moon

It wears the veils of eternity,

It's halo embrace

the stars, my moon

~Sarah Brightman ~*~*~*~*