The best day of Gemma's life was just after all their friends had come to send their love to both of them. All of the members of Tim's band had come, as a present to Tim they had all chipped into but him a new guitar, the one he'd been wanting for months. Seeing such kindness made Gemma swell up with pride. She was so happy to have such friends. After they had all left, Gemma had started to talk to Tim. The doctors had told her that he might still be able to still hear her, so she thought she would give it a go.

"Tim? It's me.Gemma. I just want to tell you. that I love you! I won't ever leave this bed.not until you wake up! So you need to wake up 'coz' I need the loo desperately!" Gemma forced out a laugh, oh god she felt like crying again! She told herself to get a grip! "Anyway.I thought I should tell you.everyone sends their love, they want you to wake up to, especially the band, you have a gig tomorrow! They all miss you loads.but not.not as much as me." Gemma broke off. She swallowed down her tears and then carried on "Please Tim, wake up! I can't live without you! Please wake up!" She started to cry again, she looked down at her hand, cradling Tim's. Suddenly she felt his grip tighten, Gemma looked up quickly. Tim's eyes were flickering. HE WAS WAKING UP!! "Tim? Tim. can you hear me. open your eyes Tim you can do it!" Gemma urged. Slowly Tim's eyes flickered again, and then opened. For a second Tim didn't know where he was, everything was out of focus. Slowly everything became solid, he looked around the room that was filled with flowers balloons and all sorts of get well soon cards. He then saw Gemma. They stared at each other, not talking. Gemma was sat on the bed stoking his hair and smiling kindly. Tim managed a weak smile back. "Morning" he croaked

"Hey." Gemma said, she leaned over and kissed his forehead. "How you feeling?"

"Like I've got the biggest hang over," Tim whispered smiling. "What about you?"

"Gemma moved a strand of hair out of her eyes and smiled "Just happy to see you awake."

Tim's smile faltered for a second "What about Bill. Have they found his body?"

"No not yet. But they will. Don't worry." Gemma smiled at him again, she started to stroke his head, lovingly.

"Gem. I love you. You know."

"I love you too."