Have you ever seen such a beautiful night?
I could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright,
When I see you smiling, I go Oh.Oh.O-oh
I could never want to miss this,
In my heart, I know what this is;
As the night fades to day
Your voice whispers words,
This feeling I've had since the first day we met
Your face, I shall ne-ver forget.
My life was never complete,
Until you walked into my arms,
I'm sorry I if ever hurt you,
But I wouldn't have meant it
Your love is what I need,
And that is how it's meant to be.
Don't withhold your tears;
I'll wipe them away,
I will always be by your side,
I shall always stay;
Your life is mine, My soul is yours
If we ever where apart, I'd only love you more
So open up your arms, and please let me in,
Don't keep your feelings under lock and key
I can see what you feel, so please let it be
(Or 'together we can set them free')
You don't have to sail the oceans, No, No, No-o
Happiness is you and me so, open your heart, this is how it should be
Don't withhold your tears;
I'll wipe them away,
'Coz that is what dreams are made of
We are what dreams are made of.

Artist (Extended version of 'What Dreams Are Made Of' lyrics): Siobhan
Music By (Extended version of 'What Dreams Are Made Of' music): Jacinta
Song Information:
Extended version of: The Lizzie McGuire Movie's 'What Dreams Are Made Of'