Sense off

I know you didn't come here

To hear my excuses

And I know

my words are only empty skins

Hollow like my reasons and just as transparent

But you need to hear me

For all I possess is a voice that does not speak

That knows no tone exept for silence

And no expression but these hands.

I know, I misused them

Made them hard and hid that well

Let them break a heart

That beat for me.

So how can you trust

what has already deceived you?

I can only tell that you must

For you're the only one who sees

In a world, blind by purpose

That will not see

That I am falling

And in need

For someone to catch me.

It is true

The one I need is you

Why are you turning

as if you couldn't see


Come back

Don't run from me

I'm begging you.

Return and see

These words reach out

Not to hurt

but to hold you.

Hear me though I'm silent

See me though you're blind.

Don't go…!

don't go.