People make assumptions.
They jump to conclusions.
They always have.
They always will.
But I know.
I have seen things.
Bad things.
There will be
A war.
There will be only
Two sides.
And dark.
There will be lies.
Lives will be lost,
And hearts will be broken
And scatterd on the ground.
It will go on
For what seems
An eternity.
But then
There will be a one.
Who will lead us.
Will rise.
And fall.
Once more, they will choose sides.
But one will prevail.
The question is,
Which one?
It is not my decision.
Neither is it yours.
It is everyones.
And everythings.
I did not create this.
I did not wish to see.
But I did.
And now,
You know.
The question is,
Which side are you on?