So it begins.

Jacques left home and headed up the old road toward town. He was a tall man of moderate build, due to the strenuous work at the shipyards. Jacques was tan with dark brown hair which appeared almost black in weak light. Jacques had almost arrived in town when he passed by the cemetery. This was the cemetery where Jacques' grandparents were buried, his second parents. Jacques took a hard blow when his grandparents passed on, a year ago this night.
"I don't really know what I was thinking that night. All I know is that I was going to go to the tavern up the road from the house, play poker and possibly win some money for Dominic. Little did I know that this very night would be the beginnings of a new chapter in my life. I left home around seven and headed out to the tavern. I played darts, poker and rummy. I was unstoppable! Now, when I started to leave, this is where my memory gets a bit fuzzy."

Jacques began riding faster than he ever had before, the tavern fading into the gloomy recesses of the fog. Faster and faster he rode as if he were to stop something horrible would over take him. Yes indeed, the thing that was following him was horrible, an enraged, drunken, Yankee. The drunkard had found out that Jacques was cheating in a game of poker and immediately withdrew his knife, seeing his precious life flash before his eyes Jacques raced out of the tavern and onto a nearby horse. A fast-paced chase ensued, the drunk only a couple of feet behind. They raced past the old bridge and the cemetery where the elders of Jacques' family were buried. They were only a few miles from Jacques' house now. As Jacques was putting distance between himself and the deranged man he heard a gurgling scream. He turned his head in fear to find the horse riding after him with no rider atop! With out warning, again he heard the scream, but this time it was louder and closer. Jacques looked about him furiously to find the source of the noise. They weren't in front, behind or beside him. Jacques let out a scream of his own, when several droplets of blood fell onto his head. Jacques slowly looked up to find the man flying, but not of his own accord, it was another man that was latched onto his neck flying above Jacques as he raced into the woods. Jacques rode as fast as he could until he had realized that the thing had stopped. Jacques slowed the horse and looked around to see the man still latched at the throat of the drunk thrashing him about as if he were a rag doll. The thing abruptly dropped the man and looked around ever watchful like a cat. The man immediately made eye contact with Jacques, Jacques felt a chill that went straight to his bones. A gust of wind blew but they held their gaze, transfixed. Everything seemed to fade about Jacques as he stared into the stranger's eyes. The man had an aura surrounding him that was bewitching; Jacques was afraid yet drawn to this man. The man seemed to call out to Jacques' mind, "Come to me, get off of your horse and walk to me." Jacques dismounted his horse and began walking toward the being. The horse let out a loud yelp before it fell to the ground dead. Dazed for an instance Jacques looked back to see the horse dead. When Jacques turned back to the man he was flying towards him at an amazing speed, before he could move the man had hit him with such a blow he flew backwards spinning several feet.
When Jacques awoke he was laid up against a tree with the stranger standing in front of him. He could see now that the man was dressed in aristocratic clothing, he was tall with a muscular body, brownish blonde hair, broad shoulders and a handsome complexion. Still jarred from the blow Jacques faded in and out of consciousness, Jacques thought of his gorgeous fiancé, Dominic, her soft skin and silky brown hair. Jacques was pulled out of his dream when the man approached him. When the man stepped into the moonlight a mouth drenched in blood with two pearly white fangs was revealed.

"You're a vampire!" Jacques screamed as he recoiled in fear.
"You have no need to fear me, I mean you no harm. My name is Fabien". The vampire said whilst watching Jacques. The vampire had the slight hint of a Russian accent, long forgotten by time. Jacques now realized the beauty that enveloped the vampire. He had that great unmatched beauty that was of neither sex, angelic.

There was a long silence as Jacques studied him; he was especially fascinated by several silver buttons on his vest. Everything about the vampire seemed holy, unreachable. Fabian began to speak again which brought Jacques out of his enchantment.

"Stop staring at my buttons and listen to me. I've been watching you for sometime now, you and your fiancé. She's virtually stunning, you have impeccable taste." The vampire leaned forward slowly as if he were to kiss Jacques, then he flew at the boy latching himself to his neck. Jacques squirmed and writhed as the seemingly all powerful man was draining the one thing that fueled his existence. Jacques felt like all the blood was rushing to that one spot on his neck, he began to feel lightheaded, listlessly his eyes rolled to the back of his head.