"Vampires, coffins and Jacques"

The vampires reached the townhouse just as the sun's red fire started to pierce the night sky.

"Oh my god. Fabien look, it's gorgeous ." Jacques' ranting of the suns beauty was abruptly interrupted by a cold, hard slap from Fabien. The blow was so quick so emphatic it spun Jacques' neck and a loud crack was heard.

"Now if you utter another notion as ignorant as that again, I will be forced to kill you myself!" Blood flew from Fabien's mouth as he spoke, vampire spittle.

Fabien turned from Jacques and opened the door, but something stopped him. Overcome with sympathy for the fledgling vampire he put his arm around him and led him into the parlor, not before locking and bolting the door. Fabien led Jacques up the grand staircase to the master bedroom where two coffins lay side by side in place of Jacques' old bed. One of the coffins was made of oak; it was a rectangular shape with golden metal rods, one on each side, for carrying. The other was a dark red color, rosewood; this coffin was almost shaped like a human.

Fabien half carried Jacques to the rectangular coffin, slid the lid off and placed him inside.
"Make sure not to move your neck or it will heal in an odd position." Fabien gave Jacques a half grin and began to slide the lid closed.

"Fabien? When will I know to arise? I don't want to be too early, nor too late."

Fabien smiled and said, "You will sense it when the time is right. Now try and rest, tomorrow we will have some real fun." A blanket of darkness enshrouded Jacques as the lid was being closed. This quiet, this darkness, this new feeling comforted Jacques.

The once busy streets of Charleston were now being silenced by the radiant beauty of the sun's golden rays. Slowly the great, all seeing eye arose from the horizon. The day went by fast for Jacques, tucked away quietly in his coffin. All sorts of people walked by the townhouse but only one stopped. It was now late afternoon; the sun was glinting on her soft blonde curls as she stared at the house. 'I pass this house everyday, but something isn't right about it today.' 'It's a house but not a home; it was once filled with warmth and life, a young couple used to live here. Now it only reeks of death.' This thought sent shivers down the woman's spine which made her all the more eager to return to her own home.

That night when Jacques awoke he felt the hunger again and realized.