This is a story I wrote for my Language Arts class in 7th grade. Please R/R!

The Enchanted Frog

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, blonde hair, blue-eyed princess named Leah. Princess Leah was engaged to a tall, dark, and handsome prince named Sean. They talked for hours and took long walks along a river near the castle. They were deeply in love.

Meanwhile, not far from the castle a wicked witch lived. This witch, who was called Matilda, was very pretty, but not quite as pretty as Leah. Matilda was unbelievably jealous of the lovely Leah, and her engagement to Sean. So, one day Matilda came up with the idea to cast a spell on Leah to make her fall into a deep sleep. "This way" Matilda thought "I will be the loveliest woman in the whole kingdom, and Sean will have to marry me."

Matilda spent the next week formulating a plan and spell. She decided to go to the kingdom dressed as an old woman and lure Leah to a small cottage in the woods to drink the poisoned potion. The next day Matilda went to the castle wearing a torn and faded flowered dress and a gray wig. She also, had many warts, a big nose, and tons of make-up to disguise herself. Matilda begged and pleaded with Leah until finally convincing Leah to help her find Matilda's dog that ran into the forest. Matilda and Leah wandered through the woods until they came to the cottage. Matilda suggested they take a rest and offered Leah a drink from her canteen. Leah unknowingly, drank what she thought was just water. Within minutes Leah had fallen asleep. Matilda turned herself back into her normal black, curly, haired, green-eyed self, and carried Leah into the cottage and laid her on the bed.

The next day, Sean was frantic with worry. When Leah didn't show up for dinner Sean searched the entire castle for her. Hours later he was so tired he fell asleep in a chair. He woke up early that morning and decided to take a walk along the river like Leah and he usually did and contemplated what he should do.

Sean walked along the river until he reached the spot where he and Leah rested and visited with their friend who was a frog. When the frog hopped over to Sean he immediately realized something was wrong. He said to Sean "My dear friend you have always been kind, visited me, and taken care of me. Now, what is troubling you?" Sean told the frog about Leah's disappearance. The frog replied, "I will grant you three wishes. What would you like?" Sean thought about this for a moment before asking, "Well, I guess I should start by wishing to know what happened to Leah?" The frog said a few magic words and then the answer came to him. He told Sean of Matilda's plot, the spell, and the cottage. Sean took this all in and was shocked to find that Matilda would do something like this. Sean then asked the frog how to break the spell. So, the frog and the prince set off on a journey to find Princess Leah.

The frog and Sean hurried through the woods to rescue Leah. When they finally came to the cottage's garden Sean started to run to the cottage. He was shocked to discover that right when he reached for the doorknob he was electrocuted. Thinking quickly he made his second wish, that the force field be demolished. The frog tried but couldn't break the electrical force field. It truly seemed like an impossible challenge.

The frog called a few enchanted frogs to help and the electrical force field was soon demolished. Sean thanked the frogs quickly then ran to Leah's rescue. He rushed to her side, and with his third and final wish he wished that the spell was broken. The frog said a few words and then Leah stirred and stretched out with a yawn. Sean explained what had happened and how the frog was a true hero. They were tremendously happy.

Sean and Leah were married the next week. They visited the frog everyday. Soon after Leah had been rescued Prince Sean ordered Matilda banished from the kingdom. Nobody ever saw her again. Prince Sean, Princess Leah, and the enchanted frog lived happily ever after.